Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day, But Could Your Brand Be?

On March 14th, 2013, wrote:

Internet marketing Sherpa Seth Godin describes a brand as the combination of something that predicts what to expect, multiplied by the emotional power of that expectation. Building a magnetic brand is the holy grail of the business world in 2013. Finding that grail may be a bit of an expedition, but it’s certainly a journey worth taking. To build the ultimate online presence for your brand, a multi-pronged approach is essential. Branding expert David Brier reminds us that branding requires a very broad strategy, and attacking just one point most likely won’t allow your brand to stand out to its full potential. That’s why juggling the major pillars of online brand management is a foundational part of getting recognition, sales and growth. Social Media Building Once you have established your mission statement, “about us,” logos, profiles and site copy, it’s time to create your social media pages. They should be a reflection of your brand, but kept lighter and more – Read the full article

Pros And Cons Of Social Media For Real Estate Business

On February 28th, 2013, wrote:

Everywhere you look, people are telling you to sign up for Twitter, to post on Facebook and to start reaping the SEO benefits of Google+. This advice comes from well-intentioned friends, family and coworkers who want to see you become the most successful real estate professional in town, but it’s sometimes misguided. Here are some common pros and cons of social media, along with some advice to avoid the worst when navigating the digital waters. Increased Exposure Obviously, interacting with people and brands via social networks will increase the visibility of your business. People who were unfamiliar can learn your name and about your services. Consumers who may have have had a negative experience with your agency in the past can see you in a positive light, especially if you respond positively to even the most negative feedback. Plus, Twitter, Facebook and the like give you a new way to keep in contact with current clients. However, exposure isn’t everything. – Read the full article

Tools Which Simplify Your Social Media Marketing

On February 19th, 2013, wrote:

Nowadays, Social media marketing is seen as an integral part in the promotion of business on the internet. Many leading businesses are becoming interested in social media websites to to expand their reach and increase their sales. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ are delivering lots of targeted information from businesses to customers online. But managing multiple profiles on social media websites can become very hectic to business owners. Businesses generally use some powerful social tools to make social media marketing hassle free. Below is the list of some important tools to simplify social media marketing: Hoot Suit Publisher This is a powerful social tool used by almost all social media managers regularly. Hoot Suit offers a dashboard which enables managers to maintain multiple profiles from various social media websites. The unique dashboard integrates third party applications and other tools to extend their services. You can manage personal profiles, fan pages, and social media groups using this tool. – Read the full article

Daily Exercises For An Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign

On February 11th, 2013, wrote:

Launching a social media marketing campaign looks like a piece of cake initially, but when we actually start the campaign, we might lose track at some point of time or the other. When we fail to keep track of what’s happening to our social presence, our business nearly vanishes from the virtual world. As a consequence all the efforts we made to create a strong social presence would go down the drain and all we’d be left with is a bunch of Facebook and Twitter IDs without anyone following our posts. Have you been there? Take heart, many of the businesses have faced it. There are some ways in which you can get back your powerful presence on the Web and keep your social media marketing campaign as successful as it was. These tips also help those who are just thinking of starting their social media marketing campaign. The success of your social media marketing campaign depends on the regularity – Read the full article

Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Learn From

On January 9th, 2013, wrote:

It is commonly supposed that product optimization is aimed exclusively at promoting products and services in search engines (SEO). In general, it’s a series of actions directed at attracting visitors to your site from search engines. Although search engine optimization is the most important element in promoting your product, nowadays there’s another type of optimization – Social Media Optimization (SMO).Having some negative but still useful and valuable experience connected with SMO, I’d like to share some references and nuances of such methods of optimization with you. For several years already our company has been working in the sphere of collaborative work management software development but, unfortunately, we started our work on social media optimization with a mistake. Some years ago after launching a new marketing campaign of one of our products, we were not able to cope with a wave of negative responses from consumers and, as a result, had to close the campaign. But we noticed that even against the – Read the full article