The Over Optimization Penalty: Parsing SEO & This Upcoming Change

On April 25th, 2012, wrote:

When I first heard about the upcoming Over Optimization Penalty, I sighed heavily and longed for the days when my knowledge of such things did not extend much beyond the pros and cons of PPC vs SEO. Sometimes, ignorance truly is bliss. After spending the past couple of years working for one of the best SEO firms in the country, I know all too well the panic an algorithm change of this kind can incite across the blogosphere. But as long as the Internet exists, SEO will serve a purpose and reports of its death are not just premature but completely ludicrous. Of course, if you are dependent on black hat techniques and invest in quick fixes instead of quality content, you should be afraid and that does not sadden me in the least bit. On the other hand, a change of this kind still has the potential to harm reputable sites that engage in ethical SEO practices and, as – Read the full article

What blogs do you guys read?

On January 17th, 2008, wrote:

Web stuffMatt Cutts is a head of spam prevention at Google. He has a blog that keeps me up to date with tools for search optimization (SEO and SEM) and whats up at Google. He also has some videos on you tube, that are great for understanding certain elements on search.Google webmaster and official Google blog are great additions to the list.Searchengineland is all about the internet business to hear what is going on around town as well as best accepted practices and constant updates to current search engine strategies for SEO and SEM.Google has the official blog and the webmasters blog. EnvironmentA fresh squeeze is a great blog about being Green in chicago. Only a few posts a month. Green Bean is about green buildings in Chicago.Tree Hugger is a great blog about the environment. They usually have 20 posts a day.