Mistakes Every SEO Beginner Makes

On October 14th, 2010, wrote:

SEO is simple, right? That’s what we SEO professionals would like you to think – so you do it wrong. And we win. Lots of people move to that “advanced beginner” stage – where they think they know what they’re doing, but in reality, have no clue what they’re doing at all. It’s impossible to avoid until someone would point out gaffes in your SEO strategy. I’m not trying to be egotistical or anything here: definitely, I made these same mistakes at the beginning, and I’m only pointing them out so you don’t. Looking at your own site at a high level – but not others’ sites: Many people are capable of deeply analyzing their own website for things like crawl errors, indexation, and the like, but when they see a link target, they completely throw it to the side. In my early days, I would find link directories and blindly submit because the homepage was a PR4 (PageRank) – – Read the full article