Watch Out for Page Jackers!

On January 4th, 2012, wrote:

If you got a pretty good site, which shows up on the first page of Google, you ought to be cautious about some possible threats. Hacking might be a huge issue indeed, but there is another form of threat lurking on the Internet these days. This threat is not a virus or a bug or a worm, yet it is very potent and can cause chaos for you and your adored website. Beware of Page Jacking! What is Page Jacking? The attack called page jacking mainly involves copying the content on your website onto some other site, so that the user believes that the other site is your legitimate site. If proper measures are not taken to secure your content, you are bound to lose your privileged spot on the first page of the search engine. The Consequences of Page Jacking Because the page jacker uses the same keywords and the same content, with a few exceptions here and there, – Read the full article