5 Ways To Make Your Small Business Seem Bigger

On March 14th, 2013, wrote:

When you began your home business, did you worry that customers would bypass you in favor of a larger company? Your fears were warranted. When it comes to spending money, clients and customers will often choose a larger, well-established company over a smaller, new, home-based business. Here are five ways that you can make even the smallest business appear like a large corporation: 1.Your Phone System Never utilize your personal number as your business number. Instead, pay for a personalized 800 number. Having an 800 number automatically makes people think that your business is bigger than it is. Alternatively, you can sign up for a virtual phone system online. With these services come professionally recorded greetings, call forwarding and a number that is dedicated to your business. 2.Web Presence Spend a few dollars a month and register your own domain. Look for a web hosting service that allows you to set up a website and provides free email addresses. No – Read the full article

Tips For Running A Successful Home Business Meeting

On March 8th, 2013, wrote:

Starting your own company can be a tireless, isolating endeavor. You’ve probably spent long hours in front of the computer, researching market trends, updating your website, or balancing your accounts. But eventually, every small business needs a team. There are many reasons you might need to meet with people in your home, whether they’re co-workers or employees, clients, or just a network of friends and colleagues whose support you’re hoping to gain for the future of your business. Even if you work out of your home office, you can still hold a work-related meeting. Don’t believe people who tell you that meeting in your home is unprofessional or signals you’re not successful enough for an office – that’s a thing of the past! Now, people want to leave the office and work at home, and the internet has made it a much more common occurrence. If you plan your meeting right, both workers and clients will love combining a professional – Read the full article

3 Essentials For Starting An Online Business

On November 11th, 2012, wrote:

There is lot of confusion out there among those who want to start their online business. However, there is nothing to worry as keys to success in this business model are quite simple and straightforward. Instead of spending days or months online searching for that “secret magic button” to make money online (there isn’t one!), you should try to master each of the following things we’re going to share with you and you will be on way to make tons of money within a short time. Photo courtesy of:¬†opensourceway Let’s have a close look at 3 essentials for starting an online business: 1.) Create a free product and give it to people-You must have at some point given your contact details (name, phone number or email address) online in exchange for something that you were interested in. Whether it was a video or an eBook containing some “secrets’, this was a method used by that person to get your details. – Read the full article