Effective Tips to Green Your Website or Blog

On September 3rd, 2010, wrote:

It can be tough to measure in tangible terms the impact of the Internet on the environment, but this doesn’t mean there isn’t any. As we continue to enhance our presence online and live and work towards the digital, it’s important to note that the environmental costs of using the Web will inevitably rise, too. The heavier the burden will get. If you have a website or blog, you can be sure that it takes plenty of energy to keep that up and running. The infrastructure needed, the electricity used, the data servers and power plants required to keep all the information online 24/7 are only some of the things through which our online goings-on can affect the environment. Start “greening” your own little place on the Web and minimize the Internet’s environment footprint in your own way. Here’s a list of great tips to help you do just that. Go for green web hosting These days there are plenty – Read the full article