The Evolutions That An SEO Company Must Deal With

On September 26th, 2011, wrote:

Search engine optimization is not a new idea in online marketing. It has changed and evolved a great deal, especially over the past five years. Those in the market for a new SEO company as well as any business that hopes to continue running its own in-house SEO should understand the same thing that every successful SEO marketing company does: that failing to keep up with changes in SEO means being unable to conduct successful SEO. Two changes in the past year, Google+1 and Panda, demonstrate the pace at which search engine marketing evolves and the dramatic nature of changes that can take place. Google+1 Although it may have lost some steam since its initial wave of success, the Google +1 feature continues to have a powerful impact on the company’s search rankings. More than one search advertising expert has claimed that “search will never be the same.” Beyond using saved cookies and search history to tailor search results, with – Read the full article

We Already Have Facebook, Stumble, Twitter, Do We Need +1 More?

On June 9th, 2011, wrote:

In mid-March, Google launched a social sharing tool called “+1.” Similar to the Facebook “Like”, +1 was added to search results to improve social relevance for users. It was noted last week that +1 will make its way across the Web in addition to (simply) search, with a widget that allows Web pages to allow +1 sharing. This will link Google profiles to content and websites, and the +1 now aims to put Google in a space where they have strived to be in for the past 5 years: social. Now, what exactly is +1? And why does it even matter? Essentially the +1 button is Google’s version of the “Like.” With hopes to capture a bit of Facebook market share, Google looks to take the world’s information and make it publicly available (according to their mission statement). So what does this mean for you? Well, besides the fact that it’s another way to draw traffic to your blog, the – Read the full article