5 Most Common Mistakes Made By SEO Beginners

On August 16th, 2011, wrote:

Search engine optimization is considered both an art and a science. You can learn it and fine-tune your processes to allow for your own set of SEO best practices. But as a beginner in SEO, you should expect to make a lot of mistakes. But that’s okay: it’s a good way for you to learn. However, you could also learn from the mistakes of others.  Here are the top five mistakes that most SEO beginners commit: 1. Not focusing on content. Most site owners and webmasters tend to rely on tricks and so-called SEO techniques to get a better ranking on search engines. Because of that, they neglect the content of the site. This is probably the biggest mistake that anybody doing SEO could commit. Over the years, webmasters have gained artificially high ranking from getting links from link farms, or getting reciprocal links, or spamming DMOZ. There were other black hat and grey hat techniques. But over time, these tactics were found out – Read the full article

The Two Main On-Site Issues Post-Panda

On May 10th, 2011, wrote:

Since the most recent Google Panda update, a number of sites have found that their traffic has taken a big hit. Google’s aim was to stop “thin content” sites from ranking; unfortunately, as usual, the definition given by Google is frustratingly vague, and with the update, it may not be so obvious what the issues are. I’ve compiled a short list of some common reasons sites have suffered after the Panda update. Hopefully, this post gives you a better idea, especially if you are one of those having a difficult time trying to determine the source of your traffic dip. (Note: I’m assuming that you are running a legitimate site, not scraping and stealing content; otherwise you pretty much have your problem right there already!) 1. Duplicated Content This is perhaps the biggest issue for legitimate sites that have suffered. It’s obvious that duplicate content can trip the “thin content” flag, but the problem is often quite complicated. For example, – Read the full article