Social Analytics Tools for Measuring the Impact of Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

On March 25th, 2011, wrote:

When businesses, brand managers, and marketers talk about social media, there’s always one acronym that’s always being brought up: ROI. It is, of course, perfectly reasonable. One needs numbers, results, and reasons for going social. (Well, at least one needs these things if “going social” is part of what’s called “work”.) One needs to justify the amount of money and effort spent on campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Not just justify, actually, but also monitor, measure, and manage. Good thing we have all kinds of apps and tools for gathering intelligence (about our efforts and that of competitors). It’s challenging enough finding ways to write retweetable tweets, increase follower counts and expand fan bases, design Like-able Facebook pages, or go viral with video. But to take things like “perception”, “engagement”, “feedback”, and “sentiment” and try to pull out numbers from these, too? How does one begin to quantify any of that? So like we said: good thing we have so – Read the full article

The Importance Of The Feed

On August 10th, 2009, wrote:

Monday kicked off with a bang as it was announced social network giant Facebook acquired social aggregating site FriendFeed. If you’re unfamiliar with FriendFeed, the free service allows users to add their activity from across the social web and aggregates the activity into one stream. You can follow other people’s streams, much like Twitter. You can also create custom groups to better follow those you care about. So what does this mean? For one, FriendFeed had already influenced changes in Facebook. Likes, anyone? The importance of Facebook making this move is obvious; the stream is king. It will also solidify Facebook as a true center for user’s social activities- not just a place to see what friends are up to. This is good for marketers, small and large alike. With Facebook integrating these features, more and more people will be introduced to these social features who currently don’t use them. The more people sharing their activities, the more we can – Read the full article

Bringing Social Media Sites Together

On March 4th, 2009, wrote:

FriendFeed is a utility tool that that collects all the updates from your favorite social media websites. It doesn’t send your info to your social media websites, but it gives you updates on all the sites your friends are using and creates a master feed of all your online activity. It takes feeds from Facebook, Twitter, your blog, Flickr, Yelp to name a few of the accounts your can tie to this social site. FriendFeed also acts as a stand alone social site, with options for posting notes, photos and links, as well as commenting on others’ contributions. You can check out our client GreenWerks and our social media expert Brandon Zeman on FriendFeed.