Facebook Users Vote on Privacy Policy

On July 16th, 2012, wrote:

Facebook users recently had the opportunity to vote on matters related to Facebook privacy. Held via the Facebook Site Governance page, this was not a new venture for the social network. In the past, Facebook allowed its users to vote on their privacy policy. In 2009, users were given the opportunity to vote on company policies, but back then, Facebook was much smaller, with only about 200 million users compared to today’s (nearly) one billion. What are users voting on exactly? Facebook discussed these changes back in May and has since let their users vote as to whether or not the privacy policy was placed into effect. First, the new documents state that Facebook will post all of your information publicly, including your profile picture, gender, and cover photo. These documents also discuss what information Facebook can collect from you as well as how Facebook uses all of this information they collect from you. It also discusses what other people – Read the full article