We Already Have Facebook, Stumble, Twitter, Do We Need +1 More?

On June 9th, 2011, wrote:

In mid-March, Google launched a social sharing tool called “+1.” Similar to the Facebook “Like”, +1 was added to search results to improve social relevance for users. It was noted last week that +1 will make its way across the Web in addition to (simply) search, with a widget that allows Web pages to allow +1 sharing. This will link Google profiles to content and websites, and the +1 now aims to put Google in a space where they have strived to be in for the past 5 years: social. Now, what exactly is +1? And why does it even matter? Essentially the +1 button is Google’s version of the “Like.” With hopes to capture a bit of Facebook market share, Google looks to take the world’s information and make it publicly available (according to their mission statement). So what does this mean for you? Well, besides the fact that it’s another way to draw traffic to your blog, the – Read the full article

3 Tips for Creating a Facebook Advertisement for Your Blog

On June 7th, 2011, wrote:

Facebook is all about building relationships – and so is your blog. So are they a match made in heaven? Should you shell out some of your hard-earned cash to buy advertising for your blog on Facebook? It could be a smart move. Statistics show that Facebook advertising is more effective at relationship marketing than it is at direct selling. Besides, compared to many other forms of advertising, Facebook is low-cost, but any money you spend needs to be cost-effective. That means creating ads that stand out from the crowd, that reaches your target audience, and that drives traffic to your blog. Sound like a big order? When you’re creating your Facebook ad, remember these 3 tips and you’ll increase your chances of success. Know Who You Want to Reach One key to successful online marketing is getting your message to the right people and Facebook lets you choose your target audience. Even before creating your Facebook ad, decide who – Read the full article

Is Facebook the Most Powerful Market Research Company?

On May 5th, 2011, wrote:

From both a marketing and consumer perspective, Facebook is king. Few can deny the power of Facebook to pull and aggregate social data on a massive scale. According to an eMarketer report, Facebook has overtaken Google in “social sign-ins.” In Q1 2011, Facebook was the top network ID used to sign in to a website to share content, at around 35% of the user social login market share. The social sign-in is a new feature that online publishers love. Website registration is often times a daunting task and is attributed to high exit rates. Social sign-ins use pre-existing identities to login to a website, bypassing annoying registration forms. The most important benefit of social logins is to increase engagement and access more profile data. From a marketing standpoint, social sign-in allows marketers to aggregate crucial demographic data that was previously unknown. Marketers are able to understand what gender and age groups are accessing their materials, in addition to potentially rare – Read the full article

Whoa: Facebooks Online Ad Spend Reached $1.86 Billion in 2010

On January 19th, 2011, wrote:

Google has a new competitor in online advertising – and it’s today’s most famous Internet startup. According to market research firm eMarketer, social networking website Facebook earned revenues of $1.86 billion last year – from advertising alone. Whoa. The figure surpassed the estimate of many industry observers, who had asserted that Facebook was on track to reach $2 billion in revenues in 2010 – a total that Facebook has likely met and exceeded, considering that online advertising is only one of its several revenue streams. “2010 was the year that Facebook firmly established itself as a major force not only in social network advertising but all of online advertising,” said eMarketer analyst Debra Aho Williamson, who is also the author of the upcoming report, “Worldwide Social Network Ad Spending: 2011 Outlook”. Williamson added that 60 percent of Facebook’s ad revenue came from small businesses. Facebook’s total online ad earnings, which came mostly from the 50 billion display ads placed on – Read the full article

The 8 Secrets to an Effective Facebook Advertising Campaign

On May 19th, 2010, wrote:

Looking to leverage social media and make the most out of your online advertising campaign? It helps to understand the elements and nuances of advertising on a site like, say, Facebook. It’s not your regular 30-seconder on TV, and it’s also not your typical Flash banner ad placed on the center of a computer screen. Social media has changed plenty of ‘games’ – these include online advertising. Not too long ago (but long enough in Internet standards), Facebook launched a unique program for online advertisers. The massively popular social networking site let them create targeted campaigns based on location, age, sex, keywords, education, workplace, relationship status, interests, languages, and pretty much anything filled in by Facebook’s 400 million-strong mass of users. Advertisers can set up how much they want to spend, when they want their ads to be shown, as well as how the pricing for ad placement would be determined – pay for clicks or pay for views? If – Read the full article