Does It Pay To Outsource Your Payroll Needs?

On May 22nd, 2013, wrote:

Owning a small business means having to wear many hats. Among the tasks that a small business owner can be faced with on a daily basis: Hiring and firing employees Promoting the company via various advertising and marketing campaigns; Overseeing the company budget; Meeting the payroll needs of both employees and making sure all company bills are submitted in a timely fashion. As you can probably sense, being a small business owner comes with major responsibilities. So what happens if that man or woman is overrun with responsibilities, meaning some of the above-mentioned tasks do not get their full attention? If there are problems meeting payroll on time, not only can one end up with financial problems (employee paychecks, payroll taxes etc.), but they can also find an office with high worker morale problem. In the event your small business (typically those with 50 or more employees) may want to outsource its payroll needs, consider some of these thoughts: 1. Get various – Read the full article

Do You Have Great Employees?

On July 13th, 2009, wrote:

Do you hire great employees, no matter the position? Yesterday I went to Potbelly in Bolingbrook with my girlfriend and 5-month old puppy, Jack. I stayed outside with Jack and sat at a table while my girlfriend went inside to order. While sitting with Jack, a Potbelly employee comes out the side door and asks if my dog needed some water. No thanks, I told him, my girlfriend would be bringing some with our lunch. That’s pretty thoughtful, but what happened next really made me impressed. A few minutes later, the same employee came back out with a bowl I assume they use for salads. “Here you go, figure this would work better than a cup,” he said. What a guy. Going out of his way to make sure my dog was cared for. Do you hire people like this? If you’re not sure what that answer is, then you have the wrong people working for you. This guy had – Read the full article

Ex Google employees new start up Search Engine Cuil Bigger might not be better

On July 28th, 2008, wrote:

The new Search Start up company, Cuil,, is making news all over the place for claiming to have indexed three times as much of the Internet’s web pages as Google. There results are overly generic and sometimes were extremely unrelavant. And good luck getting a search that is more than two words long completed. A search for “” yielded a generic web portal first, “Mr. Lind’s Eath Science Page” second, and “Ms. Nyland’s Trimester Exam Review” third. ( Surprising to see that, Google PR of 3, was no where to be found over three sites that it doesn’t appear Google cared to index. They also claim they need to run significantly fewer relative servers per query than Google. After getting the following error, maybe they should reconsider: No results because of high load… Due to excessive load, our servers didn’t return results. Please try your search again. Overall it seems like they might have the right idea for – Read the full article