Link Baiting vs Evergreen Content – What Drives More Traffic?

On February 7th, 2013, wrote:

If you’ve been around the inbound marketing or SEO industry at all then you’ve probably heard of these two terms, link baiting and evergreen content. Link baiting is the hip, new kid on the block and is easily compared to the hit single by Los Del Rio, The Macarena which garnered international fame but did little for the band in the long run. Evergreen content, on the other hand, is slow and steady and is better compared to Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone which has influenced modern music for decades. While I cringe to mention Los Del Rio and Mr. Zimmerman in the same paragraph, the metaphor works. Both songs have been listened to countless times and have (arguably) cultural significance, so which one is better? Well music critics will disagree, but the answer largely depends on the audience you’re referencing. Link Baiting and When It’s Okay to Dance While few people can sing along correctly, everyone knows the dance and – Read the full article

Top 5 Tips For Creating A Mobile-Friendly Version Of Your Website

On November 14th, 2012, wrote:

Anyone who has had the misfortune to view a website on a mobile device before it has been optimized for smartphones and tablets is well aware of how annoying it is. Between waiting for graphics to load, stuttering through streaming videos as they buffer, and having to scroll not only up and down pages to read content, but also from side to side, users are likely to give up and go to competitors that have had the foresight to make their web pages mobile-ready. With a lot of web traffic coming from handheld devices these days, anyone who wants to keep visitors coming in and profit from the rankings and sales that they represent really needs to create pages that are compatible with the mobile space. But aside from the programming mechanics that actually allow mobile users to view your content, what can you do to optimize your site for viewing on smartphones and tablets? Here are a few tips – Read the full article

2012’s Most Important SEO Factors For Bloggers

On October 23rd, 2012, wrote:

Just started a blog? Or perhaps you have been running one for a while but haven’t got around to thinking what to do with SEO yet. Well, the good news is most modern blogging platforms such as WordPress are pretty SEO friendly right out of the box. Despite this though, there are several things you might want to tweak and consider in order to get the best results. Here’s a run down of the most important SEO factors for bloggers in 2012. Content. That’s right, perhaps you didn’t expect to see this first but the old saying “Content is King” has never been more relevant. SEO is increasingly becoming more about content, the way users engage with your site and less about technical optimization and manual link building. So perhaps this is good news if you already publish interesting content that attracts visitors, or is your blog still limited to company updates? Author Profiles. You will have probably noticed by now that Google is increasingly showing – Read the full article

Expert Tips To Build A Blog Community

On October 2nd, 2012, wrote:

Getting readers for your blogs is more difficult than creating a blog. If you post a blog and there is no one to read your blogs, there is no use in posting it. The ultimate purpose of blogging is to share your knowledge with others and connecting with them to have a mutually beneficial relationship. What can you do to make readers stay with you? You can’t cast a magic spell to keep them on your page but your content can. Make your blogs swarm with people by following the strategies explained below. Original Content Blogging is a world where duplicity is not tolerated by anyone. If you don’t give them unique content, they are going to forget your blog. Therefore, let every blog post you write be unique in terms of words and ideas. This makes it important for you to choose niches in which you can keep generating unique content. The originality of your content decides how much – Read the full article

How SEO Copywriters Can Improve Your Website for Your Customers and the Search Engines

On January 26th, 2012, wrote:

When you try and use Internet marketing and blogging to bring in more business, it is essential to think about each word that you publish. Each page of your website needs to have a goal and each blog post must be aimed at achieving the following: Providing readers with information regarding your business and industry Creating a call for action Encouraging sales Working on optimizing the website Providing customer service Building brand recognition Installing trust Fitting all that into a blog post of around 300 to 500 words may seem like a lot but with the help of SEO copywriters, each of your blog posts can achieve all of those goals for you. Working on Web Copy Your website will no doubt be split up into different sections; what they are will depend upon the services and products that you provide. Most websites will have the obligatory Welcome page, About Us page, and the Contact page. These need to be – Read the full article

How to Build an SEO Strategy for Small Business Websites

On October 18th, 2011, wrote:

Small businesses have a daunting task as they compete with larger companies that boast more resources and staff. How can a small business compete for a share of the search engine market with so much stacked against them? Here are some tips on creating an SEO strategy for your small business: Learn from the Competition Promodo’s SEO specialist Anna Moseva suggests starting your small business SEO strategy with a thorough analysis of the competition. You’re probably familiar with piecing together keywords on Google in order to figure out what people are searching for and what’s already out there by way of content, but Moseva advises that you take the top 20 results in Google and analyze their Alexa Rank with the SEO Quake plugin for Firefox. Once you know the top sites among your competition, you can analyze the kind of traffic they generate and which keywords and adwords are linked to their sites at SEM Rush. This technique will – Read the full article

Important Lessons I Learned When Learning How to SEO

On February 10th, 2011, wrote:

I publish this to you guys because in the time I have spent working for Lakeshore Branding, I have learned a lot in what is SEO.  As I will be taking a drastic turn in my life and begin working for the man, there are a few important lessons I have learned. First, a quick background.  After graduating from the University of Iowa, I helped a colleague start up a webhosting company, Host Duplex.  Afterwards, I joined Lakeshore Branding as an SEO Hero (self modified title 🙂 ) to expand my technical knowledge in the SEO industry and further develop my web development skills. Here are the lessons I have learned as an SEO Hero. 1.) You Don’t Know Jack! One of the many lessons I have learned through life is that real life experience is king.  From research and different books, I had thought that I knew my fair share of how to optimize a website.  It wasn’t until I – Read the full article