The Main Types Of Content Moderation To Consider For Your Business

On February 25th, 2013, wrote:

If we say as a ballpark figure that the global online community now represents 1.2 billion people, we can understand just how much data is being shared across the world every single minute. It’s a mind blowing amount, and with people looking at your online content for generating traffic, adding comments and sharing information it’s obvious why you need to be aware and very much on top of content moderation. Pre-moderation                               This type of content moderation means that users who comment on your site are put in a queue to give you time to check the content before you agree it can go online. This way of checking means that you decide what goes up online and gives you the chance to check for libelous or inappropriate comments, or comments that are detrimental to you or your business. The downside to pre-moderation is that the user doesn’t have instant gratification of seeing their comments online. It can sometimes put people – Read the full article