The Main Types Of Content Moderation To Consider For Your Business

On February 25th, 2013, wrote:

If we say as a ballpark figure that the global online community now represents 1.2 billion people, we can understand just how much data is being shared across the world every single minute. It’s a mind blowing amount, and with people looking at your online content for generating traffic, adding comments and sharing information it’s obvious why you need to be aware and very much on top of content moderation. Pre-moderation                               This type of content moderation means that users who comment on your site are put in a queue to give you time to check the content before you agree it can go online. This way of checking means that you decide what goes up online and gives you the chance to check for libelous or inappropriate comments, or comments that are detrimental to you or your business. The downside to pre-moderation is that the user doesn’t have instant gratification of seeing their comments online. It can sometimes put people – Read the full article

The Importance Of Google Authorship For Companies

On February 19th, 2013, wrote:

Companies that publish through their blog, who invest in content marketing or use SEO to bring in business, are losing out by not taking advantage of authorship. Authorship is basically Google’s way of allocating content back to the original author. The goal of authorship was to tackle many issues such as duplicate content, copyright issues, and web spam. However, the bigger purpose of authorship was to actually differentiate quality content from mediocre or poor content. By leveraging the Google+ network, users are able to determine the quality of the content through shares, +1s, comments, and more. This affects the popularity of the content, contributes to a site’s search engine rankings and also helps bring in traffic to the publisher. 3 Reasons Why Every Company Should Use Google Authorship 1. It Helps Build Visibility, Presence, and Authority Through Your Content It’s getting more difficult to get seen out there with all the competition these days. Google’s authorship system will help content – Read the full article

What’s The Real Plan Behind Google Authorship?

On February 14th, 2013, wrote:

The latest link building technique that’s being touted as the up and coming way to rank better for your published content is to claim authorship by linking from your content to your Google Plus account and from your Google Plus account to your content. If you didn’t already have a Google Plus account, now you must create one. It seems there must be much more to this plan than putting your pretty face next to the search result for your content. SEO forecasts indicate that this technique will help Google weed out the spammers and allow claimed content to establish your authority. But, what does it mean for Google? This is the question everyone is dying to know. With all the hype and buzz going around about Google Authorship, it’s quite impossible for any self-respecting internet user to be unaware of this “change.” More Links to Google Plus If you weren’t already creating links to Google (as if the search – Read the full article

Points To Consider Before Adding Video To Content Marketing

On January 30th, 2013, wrote:

Content marketing has been traditionally viewed as blog posts, articles, and email newsletters. However, in the last few years, there is another platform which can be a very powerful tool if it can be properly executed and that is video marketing. When it comes to content marketing, marketers should realize that to most customers, to see is to believe. But, one cannot just simply jump into adding videos to content marketing as there are numerous points to consider. If the marketing team in your company is contemplating on adding video to marketing content, there are some questions they need to ask to determine if the idea will be beneficial for the product or service. First, they should consider asking if the content will lose its meaning in image or text form. If the answer to this query is on the positive, then the use of videos presents a very viable option. They should also think if such content will lose – Read the full article

Smart Tips To Make Your Blog Content Brilliant

On December 10th, 2012, wrote:

If a wide research can be made on the views and perceptions from different experts, then a super flexible list of  “how to” tips in order to increase the popularity of your blog can be made. Any blog can be successful if it utilizes the proper techniques for effective blogging. If the purpose of which can be revealed as a pre-determined destination, then the ultimate results can be gained. For this reason the execution of goals should be analyzed first. But most of us get stuck on that part. Here are some of the solutions to determine the scope of an effective blogging campaign that can yield highly satisfactory results. Effective Blogging Tips · When people think about blogging, the first thing that comes to mind is choosing a platform. And when people think about a blogging platform, it’s not that far off when people decide to choose WordPress. In all simplicity, WordPress is a great open source management system – Read the full article

SEO: Great 5 B2B Search Engine Marketing For 2013

On December 7th, 2012, wrote:

Getting ready to plunge into the holiday mood for the year 2012? But what happens after the holiday weekend gets over? It is time when B2B marketers for search engines will size the opportunity. Resolutions should be made in advance as far B2B marketers are concerned. How about sharing some top tips to enjoy effective B2B SE marketing? Have a look below: Tracking of More Leads Time has come to quit working with those blinders while dealing with Web Traffic Reports. In fact, it becomes real difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing medias when working with blinders. The modification/revision process should contain: Introduction of contact forms while exiting from the email concept. Start to create landing page summaries and lead generation forms for initiating value added contents. Introduce the concept of CALL TRACKING. Layering through call tracking solutions can help immensely in dealing with queries (offline as well online). Layering from web reporting and marketing of automation solutions – Read the full article

Content Marketing 101: Tips For The Best Strategy

On August 28th, 2012, wrote:

You may have heard the phrase thrown around a few times but never paid too much attention to it. Content marketing is a popular marketing tactic that has picked up pace over the past few years. In a nutshell, content marketing refers to the content you generate (blogs, emails, podcasts, etc.) that you create in order to share with other people. Most of the time, content marketing is provided to your audience for free and relies on the fact that if you provide your audience with valuable information, they will continue to come around and eventually become a customer. Like every marketing tactic, there are certain things that you can do in order to have the best possible content marketing strategy. Keep control of the content. Content marketing works best if you have complete control over what you can write and share, which is why it’s very important that you publish this content on a website that you control. Don’t – Read the full article

6 Ways to Repurpose Your Content to Squeeze More Backlinks Out of It

On June 22nd, 2012, wrote:

Regular content creation is necessary for your website, but it takes time to produce quality content; and especially today, in the time of content marketing, creating backlinks for your website also requires plenty of content. That’s a lot of content creation, and a lot of time spent on it! Now, it’s a fantastic thing to be able to generate valuable backlinks, and even better to have quality articles on your website. But after you’ve spent hours or days to research and write one really quality piece, don’t you feel sometimes that it’s a shame you can’t use it to squeeze more value out of it – to publish it somewhere else, or to create more backlinks? Well, there are ways to make that one piece of content work harder and generate more quality backlinks. No, we’re not talking about re-publishing and duplicate content issues: we’re talking about re-shaping an article into another form that will be unique and that will – Read the full article