CONTENT CREATION 101: Best Blogging Tips for Writing a Successful Blog

On February 17th, 2012, wrote:

Anyone can write a blog. It is that easy. Writing a successful blog is where hard work as well as a stroke of genius is required. However, even if you find the genius in you has gone into sleep mode, there are tricks of the trade that can be learned. By knowing what it takes to write a successful blog, you can incorporate that into practice and make your blog into a popular, lucrative one. 1. Have a specific theme that you are going to write the next 5000 blogs of your life on: Sure, what you really want to write are “My Ramblings” and “My Crazy Life” etc. But, if you really want to make your blog popular and lucrative, better write on a subject that is in some way common to you and everyone else. For example, you can write a blog on pets by using examples of your dog. However, don’t make it only about your dog. You can write a blog – Read the full article

Start Writing: How to Find Inspiration for Blogging

On September 12th, 2011, wrote:

Writer’s block happens to everyone at some point or another, and sometimes it may feel like there is no way around it. Maybe you’ll stare at your computer screen for a few hours, a few days, or even longer. You’re just stuck. You try taking a break, watching some television, getting some fresh air, or doing anything to try to find a small amount of inspiration to get you writing. There has to be something to help you get to writing. You simply can’t be stuck forever. This has happened to me and I know it will happen again. Thankfully, I’ve found some methods from personal discovery and reading others’ experiences to help me find inspiration when it seems I never will. I’ll share these tips (for content creation) with you. Hopefully, they’ll help you when it seems like you may never type a useful word again. Read over past posts You may have already written about your as-of-yet unwritten post. – Read the full article

Marketing Tips: Guide on How to Write a Killer Brochure

On March 30th, 2011, wrote:

When you are marketing a brand name or product – online or offline – it is essential for you to acquire the know-how of writing a brochure effectively. The contents of the brochure will either be ignored or call potential customers to action. Information must be helpful to the reader so that they will feel a need to contact you for further assistance. Brochures have been used in marketing for years and the fact that they are still around – and have taken several new forms on the Web as online promotional literature – is testament to their inherent value in contributing to sales. Below are some useful tips on the process of writing a traditional or online brochure effectively: Keep it Brief The contents of your brochure must be brief and to the point. It is possible that the brochure may have several pages but the information therein must be relevant. Readers mostly scan through the brochure to check – Read the full article

Blogging for Business: How Often?

On March 9th, 2011, wrote:

Now that you are convinced that blogging can be useful for your business, you will sooner or later face a dilemma: How often should I blog? Indeed, blogging is not a one-off thing and you will certainly have to update your blog regularly. Should you perform this form of content creation daily, weekly, or monthly? In fairness, there isn’t a simple answer to this question. Ask 10 different bloggers and you will end up with 10 different answers. I do not pretend to own the answer to this question, but what I can do is provide you with some things that you need to consider when determining your blogging frequency, and I hope that you will find these useful when it comes to making your own decision. Search engines The search engines spiders do like fresh content and posting content frequently on your blog should allow your site to get indexed better. Best SEO practices include making sure that your – Read the full article

7 Tools and Tactics to Increase Traffic to your Blog

On January 10th, 2011, wrote:

When creating your first blog, you probably dream about having an engaged fan base that would check your site every day, waiting impatiently to read your valuable opinions or thoughts. If you were like most new bloggers, you were more than a little disappointed when barely anyone left a comment and your traffic statistics left a lot to be desired. If you still haven’t found a great way to promote your blog, try one or more of these techniques to drive traffic to your site: Blog Everyday – or Almost Everyday Google and the other search engines love fresh content. The more often you post, the higher your rankings will go. If you apply a little keyword strategy, you’ll soon soar to the top of the search page! Fresh content also keeps your fans coming back for more. If they like what they read, they’ll tune back in for the next edition. If they become disappointed by how long it – Read the full article

Applying What TV Pitchmen Do In Your Online Business

On December 22nd, 2010, wrote:

It is impossible to actually scream through your content into your readers’ ears to try to sell them something – but that kind of effect is exactly what you want to try to accomplish every time you are writing a persuasive article for your website. This is the approach that television pitchmen like Billy Mays took, and even though you would always hear a lot of people talking about how they disliked the fact that all he ever did was scream through the TV, there were always still tons of people who picked up the phone and ordered the product he was selling. Billy Mays was one of the greatest TV pitchmen of all time, and there is much to learn from him. He was able to convince people to buy a product they never before heard of – all in a short two-minute video. Products that people probably didn’t need and products that, once they purchased it, they probably – Read the full article

Beating Blogger Block: Tips to Keep Your Blog, Business, and Brain Always Fresh and Alive

On December 8th, 2010, wrote:

We all get it from time to time: blogger’s block. Like we’ve completely run out of ideas for our blog or website. Like we’ve completely run out of time. Drinking gallons of coffee to no avail; staring at a blank screen for hours; pressing “Save Draft” over and over when, sadly, there isn’t really any “draft”. And with the onset of this “writerly” disease, we wonder: will traffic go down? Will readers soon unsubscribe? Will my online presence suffer from this inability to generate creative, engaging blog content? What about my business? Have I turned into a vegetable? It’s a scary thought, especially considering that one of the best ways to gain visibility, name or brand recognition, and search-engine love in this information-crazy world is to write or blog as best as you can. Calm down. Throw your worry about your writing room window. And beat blogger’s block by following these great tips below: Keep an idea journal. You never – Read the full article