Help, Our Image Is In Trouble

On May 29th, 2013, wrote:

Did your company or business hit a rough patch in the form of a legal issue or social media meltdown? Did you file for bankruptcy or have a hate campaign target you online? No matter what the issue, taking care of your business image is your number one priority and you’ll need to get it cleaned up and put back out there. But how? These tips and tricks can help you clean up your image. Bury It On Google This one isn’t quick, but it’s effective. If you can get alternate domains for your business (such as .net and .org), have these redirect to your company page. You won’t have to build up multiple versions of your webpage or have to keep up with more, just have one main site and the rest of them to “mirror” the content. This will help keep you high in the search engines with content you want people to see. This way you won’t – Read the full article

Do We Go Outside For Branding Help?

On April 27th, 2013, wrote:

As a small business grows, it can be hard to establish your brand. Navigating the waters of advertising and social media can be confusing at best. Growing your brand is hard in a world full of businesses all vying for attention for consumers. Some small business owners seem to have a knack for building a brand while others shake their heads in frustration. If you aren’t sure how to build your brand, it might be time to hire a branding pro. You can add one to your staff or do what the majority of business owners do: outsource. What Does Outsourcing Mean? When someone outsources that means they are going outside of their own company for help. Outsourcing requires less financial investment than devoting an in-house team to brand building. You do not need to add space or bring in more staff. Companies that specialize in social network strategies or branding have dedicated professionals to help you create your brand. You will work closely – Read the full article