5 Tips For Choosing A Brandable Domain Name For Your Website

On April 4th, 2013, wrote:

In most cases, an established business will select a brand name based on the name or names of business owners or a word or phrase that reflects their industry, their goods, or a particular image they wish to convey to the public (or all of the above). Selecting a name for a business is both a personal and professional pursuit. But if you’re starting an online business, you may wish to go about the process of selecting a name for your business and your brand in an entirely different way. You might want to come up with several potential names and then peruse domains to see if any of the ones on your list are available. But you should also consider names based on whether or not they are brandable. And here are just a few tips to help you choose a domain name that is sure to spread like wildfire in the online arena. Relevance. Probably the top priority – Read the full article