Applying What TV Pitchmen Do In Your Online Business

On December 22nd, 2010, wrote:

It is impossible to actually scream through your content into your readers’ ears to try to sell them something – but that kind of effect is exactly what you want to try to accomplish every time you are writing a persuasive article for your website. This is the approach that television pitchmen like Billy Mays took, and even though you would always hear a lot of people talking about how they disliked the fact that all he ever did was scream through the TV, there were always still tons of people who picked up the phone and ordered the product he was selling. Billy Mays was one of the greatest TV pitchmen of all time, and there is much to learn from him. He was able to convince people to buy a product they never before heard of – all in a short two-minute video. Products that people probably didn’t need and products that, once they purchased it, they probably – Read the full article