Affiliate Marketers: How to Choose a Profitable Product to Promote

On April 20th, 2012, wrote:

How did you pick the product(s) that you’re currently promoting? What processes, if any, did you go through to evaluate the potential for the product? Are you happy with your affiliate marketing results? Is your site as productive as it should be? Do you even have a way to determine that? Too many affiliate marketers make the all important decision about what product they are going to promote without having enough information. They either see or hear about a hot new product, or they go with a tried and true product that thousands of others are promoting as well, or sometimes they purchased a product and became so enamored with it they just know others will want one too. Sure it’s good to have an emotional connection to the product, but emotions don’t tell you the hard facts about its potential as a commercial success. Don’t do it alone. There’s a conversation you must have and engage in. When you’re – Read the full article

Dont Kill Your Campaign with These Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

On November 2nd, 2010, wrote:

So you’ve heard the stories of how affiliate marketers made thousands – millions! – from the basements of their homes. Yes, thank you, Internet. If you haven’t come across any such success story, suffice it to say that they’re all pretty inspiring stuff: stuff that you, as an affiliate marketer, will want to carry with you as evidence that there’s no better, more effective, more independent way of making money on the Web. Indeed, affiliate marketing is an amazing opportunity. There are loads of easy-to-join programs, endless lines of hot, trendy products to sell, great resources and tools to use, and desirable amounts of commission to earn. There are just as many horror stories, though. In the mad rush to leverage the power of the Internet and sell products via the affiliate marketing platform, many have lost more than they gained. Many did not become millionaires. Many quit. Many just took their talents to South Beach, or to the local – Read the full article