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Writer’s block happens to everyone at some point or another, and sometimes it may feel like there is no way around it. Maybe you’ll stare at your computer screen for a few hours, a few days, or even longer. You’re just stuck.

You try taking a break, watching some television, getting some fresh air, or doing anything to try to find a small amount of inspiration to get you writing. There has to be something to help you get to writing. You simply can’t be stuck forever.

This has happened to me and I know it will happen again. Thankfully, I’ve found some methods from personal discovery and reading others’ experiences to help me find inspiration when it seems I never will.

I’ll share these tips (for content creation) with you. Hopefully, they’ll help you when it seems like you may never type a useful word again.

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Read over past posts

You may have already written about your as-of-yet unwritten post. An easy way to find subject matter to write about is to read over your past posts. Try finding an interesting point you briefly touched on and expanding it into a full-blown blog post.

Also, one of your old posts may be out of date: slightly or completely. With the post already partly written, you can rewrite what is still relevant and add in the new details, points, and examples that make the post appropriate for today.

Look to current events

Your audience appreciates it when you keep your blog up-to-date on current news and matters for your niche. Check out news sites and see if any stories pertain to the subject matter of your blog. You might be able to spin a story or find an effect that will affect your niche and audience.

Listen to opinion leaders

Other great resources for inspiration are opinion leaders in your niche. I like to turn to Twitter and see what other bloggers are Tweeting about and what links they are sharing. You can always provide a recap of someone else’s article, reflect on it, and tack on your own opinion.

Bookmark your favorite sites and make sure to check these sites for ideas when you’re in need. There’s nothing wrong with getting help from your blogging peers.

Turn to your audience

If you’ve developed a loyal audience of readers, they may have been asking questions in the comments or E-mailing you concerns. Rather than responding to their questions in email form one by one, create a blog post out of it. With this method, you can answer their question, create new content to increase traffic, and share the answer with everyone.

Also, by analyzing comments from your previous blog posts you can see what topics your readers really enjoy. Give the audience more of what the like and keep them coming back for more.

About the author: August Drilling works on behalf of FortePromo, which sells promotional items, and is a blogger, social media enthusiast, and Apple aficionado.

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2 responses to “Start Writing: How to Find Inspiration for Blogging”

  1. Doyle says:

    I had encountered this kind of problem before. I think one of the reasons why some bloggers find it hard to have an inspiration for their blogging is because of their emotions. It’s hard to focus when you’re down or depressed. These will be great suggestions to stay motivation when writing blogs.

  2. Hollaback Will says:

    There are instances wherein I felt like I want to write a blog but I can’t think of any topic. This is a good piece of advice on how to find motivation in writing blogs. Nice post!

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