Social Media Optimization and Branding Through Online Interactive Activities

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We stand in a society incessantly connected to each other through virtual networks. One may wonder why virtual (Web-based) platforms are popular and the reason solely lies in the fact that they offer a variety of applications that help people share and connect with one another, which has always been the core needs of society. With greater technology, speed and living standards, the social networking sites help cater to newer demands and go beyond physical get-togethers. It is this platform that unites people and hence, has immense potential for online marketing and advertising.

A brand is a brand because of the support – and recognition – it gets from people.

Social Media Interaction and Competition

One of the latest methods adopted by marketers is to engage audiences in contests and interactive competitions, giving away their commodities for free. Or, alternatively, these contests may engage people by giving away various other articles, trial offers, commodities, etc. These are becoming increasingly popular in the arena of branding on virtual social media marketing platforms.

Another interesting and important aspect to be noted here is the fact that search engines are now taking Facebook likes, Twitter mentions and re-tweets, and +1s of Google+ while determining the page and website rankings. The social activity of a brand in the virtual space has now become the means to judge its authenticity and credentials. This indicates that a company’s virtual presence needs to be taken seriously as it plays an instrumental role even from the business point of view.

Furthermore, along with holding an online contest or giveaway promo, there are various other strategies that need to be meticulously planned. For instance, a simple way to get noticed is by giving away expensive, high-demand prizes. Such prizes would find many takers, and thus serves as an effective way of bringing users to your page. However, if the prize being given away has no relevance with your business, then the acquired traffic will soon leave your page. So, as a business strategist, you need to make sure that at every step you keep in mind the following points:

1. You are promoting your business

2. The contest prizes should be associated to your products or services directly or indirectly

3. Your aim should be to get a good search engine ranking along with business benefits

4. And finally – you must always keep in mind YOUR target audience.

The target audience is your buyer. His interests should be the prime focus because he influences the growth of your company. Now, if you are a provider of telecommunication services and you are giving away the most popular Ninja toys then rest assured, you may get those 1000 likes on your webpage. But is this activity positively affecting your business? Well, one day the children who are winning the Ninja toys will grow up and possibly use your telecom services (if they remember!); but what about now?

As a strategist, you have to think of the present as well as of the future. As a telecom provider you can probably offer free Internet connection for a month or a subsidized phone bill in your virtual contest. The activity may get only a few hundred likes, but those likes are far more worthy than a thousand likes of no relevance. So go ahead, and play your cards – win your audiences and build your brand.

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6 responses to “Social Media Optimization and Branding Through Online Interactive Activities”

  1. sasha_482 says:

    I’ve been thinking of creating a contest as well for our customers. Public relations is really a big factor in having a successful business. We have to give something back to them aside from offering them quality products/services.

  2. Fiona Wong says:

    Conducting an interactive competition or contest like these are effective ways of promote products or services as well as reaching out to customers. Nice post!

  3. medomoc says:

    Organizing a contest for Internet marketing is really an effective and efficient way in attracting customers to visit the site more often. That’s a good idea. Perhaps many business owners would try this trick to gather more viewers in their site.

  4. Brandon M. says:

    Organizing a contest through social media is a nice idea. I will participate in this kind of contest especially if the company offers amazing prices.

  5. Smstudent says:

    Ah! So that’s why I see some Facebook pages that have some contests that offer amazing grand prizes. That’s a good strategy for business owners.

  6. Jay Bird says:

    Most companies convince people to like their Facebook page by offering a discount or something. Well, I admit that this is really very effective.

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