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Help, Our Image Is In Trouble

On May 29th, 2013, wrote:

Did your company or business hit a rough patch in the form of a legal issue or social media meltdown? Did you file for bankruptcy or have a hate campaign target you online? No matter what the issue, taking care of your business image is your number one priority and you’ll need to get it cleaned up and put back out there. But how? These tips and tricks can help you clean up your image. Bury It On Google This one isn’t quick, but it’s effective. If you can get alternate domains for your business (such as .net and .org), have these redirect to your company page. You won’t have to build up multiple versions of your webpage or have to keep up with more, just have one main site and the rest of them to “mirror” the content. This will help keep you high in the search engines with content you want people to see. This way you won’t – Read the full article

Does It Pay To Outsource Your Payroll Needs?

On May 22nd, 2013, wrote:

Owning a small business means having to wear many hats. Among the tasks that a small business owner can be faced with on a daily basis: Hiring and firing employees Promoting the company via various advertising and marketing campaigns; Overseeing the company budget; Meeting the payroll needs of both employees and making sure all company bills are submitted in a timely fashion. As you can probably sense, being a small business owner comes with major responsibilities. So what happens if that man or woman is overrun with responsibilities, meaning some of the above-mentioned tasks do not get their full attention? If there are problems meeting payroll on time, not only can one end up with financial problems (employee paychecks, payroll taxes etc.), but they can also find an office with high worker morale problem. In the event your small business (typically those with 50 or more employees) may want to outsource its payroll needs, consider some of these thoughts: 1. Get various – Read the full article

5 Lessons From Your MBA That Should Help Improve Your Business

On May 22nd, 2013, wrote:

There is a reason MBAs are so valuable in a business setting. No matter how well a company can train their team members internally, employees who are MBAs will always have a leg up. MBA programs traditionally cover classes in management, communication, business writing, finance and accounting and marketing. This degree path combines the most valuable career skills into a versatile and esteemed professional. Companies would be well-served to take cues from MBAs in order to improve a business model. Measure Performance No matter how successful a business feels, performance is hard to gauge without a specific benchmark. While factors like customer satisfaction and retention are important, they are not necessarily indicators of strong performance. By using numerical values, like a return on investment or profit margin, executives can get a better idea of whether a business is performing up to par or could use a little extra support. Constantly use the analytical skills you learned from your MBA coupled – Read the full article

Promote Your Brand Without Going Broke

On May 22nd, 2013, wrote:

Let’s face it – marketing your brand can get really expensive, really fast. For small businesses, though, the only way to stay in the game is to grow your company and continue bringing in a profit. With so many small businesses failing, you can’t help but wonder if it’s due to the fact that they didn’t market properly or didn’t have the financial means of promoting themselves. Let’s take a look at some great, inexpensive ways to promote your brand without spending a fortune. Tips on Marketing Inexpensively Though there’s no set number or percentage that a company should spend on advertising, most don’t spend more than 7% of their budget on it. Larger firms typically spend more and small businesses spend less, but 7% is the average. Luckily, with the use of technology today, advertising doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Tips for saving money on marketing include: Start a blog –  Every business should have – Read the full article

Onpage Optimization And How It’s Helping Websites

On May 22nd, 2013, wrote:

Merely developing your site will not guarantee to help your business prosper in the right direction. You need to carry out the optimization of your site as it helps in determining the success rate of your site. In fact, search engine optimization (SEO) is regarded as the integral part of any site marketing and promotion strategy. It is divided in two ways, one is on page SEO and the other is off page optimization strategy. The on page SEO has a big role in optimization efforts as it is related with a number of guidelines which comes straight from the popular search engines including, Google, Yahoo and Bing. The reason why on page optimization has such a big role is the fact that it often employs the ethical white hat SEO techniques, which makes this method a favorite one in perspective of the search engines. The webmasters and site owners are seen employing the on page SEO strategies and are – Read the full article

How To Use WordPress Themes For Your E-Commerce Site

On May 21st, 2013, wrote:

Once you’ve got a new web hosting plan along with a domain name for your site, the only thing left to do is to setup your website. And when you choose to work with WordPress themes, it’s also possible to to do it quickly and with less difficulty. WordPress is actually one of the most widely used methods for spreading your online presence on the internet. Maybe you have your personal web host readily available, which means you select the name of the site, or it’s possible to have WordPress actually host every little thing for you, free of charge. WordPress is one of the pioneering platforms exclusive to blogging and web design and is basically ideal for smaller sized websites. Since it has been around quite a while, there are plenty of webmasters using the platform which makes it easier to implement or troubleshoot if ever the need arises. Easy methods to Set up an E-Commerce Site Using WordPress – Read the full article

Can Business Negotiations Improve Over A Meal?

On May 16th, 2013, wrote:

Running a business can be exhausting, especially if you’re about to have a business deal. You want to know everything you can do to lighten the blow and have the dealings be as pleasant as possible for you and the other party. Even then, when you think you have everything figured out, you still might worry about the outcome. One of these preparations that people commonly consider is dining while doing negotiations. In many cultures, it is an expectation that you will conduct business dealings over a meal. But some people may wonder, particularly in the United States, where it is not necessarily a common practice to negotiate at a restaurant, if business negotiations are really more successful if they take place over a meal. Read on to learn how meals can actually help your business negotiations be more effective. Great Bonding In general, meals can be a great bonding experience. One of the most useful things about taking your – Read the full article

Four Ways To Get Your Small Business Noticed

On May 15th, 2013, wrote:

Some small businesses seem to be able to move ahead in any economic environment. During a recession, they are opening new locations when competitors are closing doors. During a boom, their profits increase at double or triple the average rate, and soon, those small businesses are huge companies. Successful small businesses all have the same secret: People notice them. When people notice a business, it means more customers and faster growth. Of course, this is common knowledge. Businesses are constantly trying to attract customers. Their marketing efforts compete with the marketing efforts of every other business, and the result is a mess so confusing that potential customers do not notice any business. Making your business stand out in such an environment is tricky. It requires wit and the right strategies. Read on for four ways to get your small business noticed. Social Media Marketing Creating profiles on websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is the first step to social – Read the full article