20 Stunning and Versatile BuddyPress Themes

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You ever heard of something called BuddyPress? If not, well – you should. Established in 2008, Buddypress is a publishing platform for connecting all your social media streams and networks together in one self-hosted and WordPress-powered site.

You can use it as a social network for your family, your university, your school or college, or your class; as an internal communication medium for your company or organization; as a network for connecting people with the same interests as you have; or as a socially dynamic site centered around your new product or service. For more uses, check out this BuddyPress showcase.

Like WordPress, BuddyPress is an extremely flexible and versatile solution, especially for those who are looking to grow their businesses and brands via social media marketing. Its features include:

  • Global, personal, and group activity streams where you can view all your comments, status updates, mentions, favorites, and notifications, among many others;
  • User groups that you can choose to be public, private, or hidden;
  • Multisite blogging capability (courtesy of the acclaimed WordPress platform);
  • Friend connections, extended profiles, discussion forums, and private messaging;
  • And an expanding range of free and premium BuddyPress themes to give your own BuddyPress-powered social networking site a stunning new look!

Because we here at Lakeshore Branding have fallen in love with BuddyPress, we created a quick list of Buddy Press themes that we hope will help you find a cool new look for your own site. If not, please add your own favorite or your own theme to the list by leaving a comment below. Enjoy!

SuperMassive BuddyPress Theme

$50.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Bounce BuddyPress Theme

$55.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Feature! BuddyPress Theme

$55.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Game Portal BuddyPress Theme

$55.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Play BuddyPress Theme

$55.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Dynamix BuddyPress Theme

$55.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Mingle BuddyPress Theme


$60.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Big City BuddyPress Theme


$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

ReviewIt BuddyPress Theme


$50.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Salutation BuddyPress Theme

$60.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Score BuddyPress Theme

$50.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Huddle BuddyPress Theme

$60.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Magazine BuddyPress Theme

$39.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Teamster BuddyPress Theme

$70.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Social Life BuddyPress Theme

$75.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Lifestyle BuddyPress Theme

$49.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

BuddyPress Fun BuddyPress Theme

$39.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Tachyon BuddyPress Theme

$50.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Network BuddyPress Theme

$39.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Social BuddyPress Theme

$39.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

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7 responses to “20 Stunning and Versatile BuddyPress Themes”

  1. Miss Skeeter says:

    I have never heard of BuddyPress until now! So, does the Mingle template function with BuddyPress AND WordPress? Or just BuddyPress? I have fallen in love with that template; I am just trying to decide what kind of website to make out of it 🙂

  2. Krystal Daniels says:

    Such a nice collection of templates here! I love Huddle. I think I am going to download it tonight if I get time. Thanks for another excellent post, LakeShoreBranding.com! – Krystal

  3. Mr Hugh says:

    I downloaded a pack of these templates from megaupload a few weeks back to install the “score” template on my new mobile phone review site. Anyway I cant be sure, but my site was hacked a few days later and I am pretty positive it was because of this template. I was not happy.

  4. Tony Simons says:

    Well Mr Hugh, Your problem is right there. If you download these templates off sites like megaupload for free then yes they have probably been injected with all sorts of exploits leaving you site wide open for hackers. Dont do that again! At the end a template is the only around $40 so why risk it. The security of your site should paramount. If you get your templates from a good site they will not be in danger of being hacked at all as these sites only work on building a good reputation of trust. I have purchased a few templates from this site and others and never had any issues

  5. Francisca says:

    Dynamix BuddyPress Theme is the best from this list. I’ve tried its Demo. And I would pay $45 for it.

  6. George says:

    In my opinion the Big City BuddyPress Theme should be the number 1 in this list. You have to try its Demo version. It is magnificent. A very beautiful design and moreover it’s not at all complicated.

  7. Mark Dee says:

    That is what we call creative themes. They are very eye-catching. Individuals, businesses, universities and many more will probably depend on BuddyPress for WordPress themes.

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