Date: November, 2012

Focusing On One Niche Market To Find Success

On November 30th, 2012, wrote:

These days, there is so much information out there and available to us constantly – so much so that we tend to get distracted and are pulled dozens of different directions every day. With so many options to pick and with so little time to do so, things can get really crazy just trying to figure out which ones to pay attention to. The same goes for business; I don’t know about you, but I get swept up by the latest and greatest from time-to-time – it’s always exciting to know about what’s new, what kind of traffic is hot, what software has come out and so on. When it comes to choosing a niche market to target it’s no different – I’ve been in touch with plenty of marketers over the years who have jumped from one project to the next, from niche to niche, never really focusing in on one and not giving their all to go the – Read the full article

Professional Themes For WordPress And SEO Benefits

On November 28th, 2012, wrote:

Search engine optimization can be an extremely difficult endeavor. If you’re using the WordPress platform, you’ll find that many of the free themes out there don’t really have the search engine optimization features built into them that you’ll need. Professional premium WordPress themes usually include enhancements that are designed for users who need to make certain that the content is as search engine friendly as possible. Here are some of the things they generally include and why you should consider utilizing one of them for any sort of a business site. Tagging Whether you’re talking about meta-tags or the tags that you add to your blog posts on your own, tagging is a very important part of search engine optimization. Meta-tags provide information that the search engines sometimes use to properly categorize content. The tags that you add to your own content make it easier for users to find related articles. Remember that user-friendliness is a major part of search – Read the full article

Essential Tips For Newsletter Writers

On November 27th, 2012, wrote:

Ernest Hemingway said this, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is, sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” On the other hand, those of us who write know that ‘bleeding’ isn’t easy. Anyway, newsletters are an integral part of most special interest groups, colleges and even families. Drafting a newsletter can be fun, and here are some tips that I think will be useful. The Zen of writing Unless you are a hipster with a typewriter in the park or an octogenarian with India ink and a quill, there is a good chance that you’d be drafting the newsletter on a computer. Most of us have a cluttered desktop, so cluttered that it can be called a modern art masterpiece. That needs to go! Productivity increases with a cleaner layout and there are studies to support this claim. There are text editors for both Windows and OS X with simple layouts and colors that are easy on the – Read the full article

Social Media Treasures To Help You Land A Job

On November 27th, 2012, wrote:

If you’ve grown up using social media as a casual tool to waste time with then you’ve already got an advantage over anyone who hasn’t when it comes to finding a job. You’re not only more familiar with the setup and functionality of how social media works, but it’s probably second nature for you to communicate this way. That’s right, social media has a lot more to offer than just getting acquainted with random people on the internet. This can really be considered as a breakthrough of sorts with the way this technology has helped alleviate the unemployment rate. This means using it as a tool for something more productive than chatting to friends is less effort – and can yield huge results. Anyone that has never used social media will probably feel overwhelmed by the way it works, how and when to use it and what its impact could even be. Popular as it may be, there are still – Read the full article

3 Ways SEO Copywriting Can Help Your Online Brand

On November 25th, 2012, wrote:

The goal of all good search engine optimization programs should be to hone your online brand so that when your prospects use a search engine to look for what you offer, they have a better chance of finding your site in the results. Google’s job is to show people the most relevant content relating to their searches. With all the recent updates on the search engines, it’s important to understand that what people think is quality content is what Google ranks highly. So, how can your brand use SEO copywriting to do better online? Let’s look at three ways. 1. Use copywriting to increase conversions You want more conversions on your site. We all do. The key to conversion is understanding persuasion. And the key to persuasion is language. Quality copywriting has always used the language of the target audience to engage and persuade. By writing about prospects’ needs and explaining in their own words how and why a product or service – Read the full article

How Bad SEO Practices Can Harm Your Website

On November 24th, 2012, wrote:

The temptation to be on top of the list on every search engine is tremendous, for that many SEOs use techniques known as black hat SEO. In simple terms these are not ethical or simply put, bad SEO, which used to go undetected by the bots. But most search engines have now updated their bots with new algorithms which will be deeming websites spam and ban them from being displayed. So to be visible, here are a few don’t dos for your website, which might harm it entirely. Cloaking Never cloak, and ask your SEO not to cloak. This is an unethical practice where the codes are written in such a way that the search engine reads something and the result in the end is something else. It might happen that you might be directed to some adult porn site when you have actually read description of an adult education site. This is a strict no no for any website. – Read the full article

How Small Businesses Benefit From Online File Sharing

On November 23rd, 2012, wrote:

As a small business owner, you may recognize the need to share files with clients, customers, associates and even employees. In the past, FTP has been the preferred method for sharing large files online. Because FTP transfers have been notoriously unreliable, small business owners must rely on other methods to share files and collaborate with colleagues; online file sharing services are quickly becoming the go-to method of storing and sharing information. Here are five benefits of online file sharing for the small business owner: 1.Bounce-Backs are Eliminated In the past, business owners utilizing FTP as a file sharing resource experienced high amounts of frustration. Transferring large files through FTP can take several minutes. Waiting for a file to send, only to be alerted a few seconds later that it was too large is a common occurrence. Online file sharing eliminates the instance of bounce-back to almost nil. 2.Instant Sharing Small business owners can share their files in a virtual instant – Read the full article

Are You Effectively Communicating Value To Your Customers?

On November 22nd, 2012, wrote:

Value comes in many forms; it can mean competitive prices, quality guarantees or even something as simple as good ratings from third parties such as ‘Trust Pilot’. A good value proposition effectively communicates to customers why they should choose to use you instead of a competitor, and if you aren’t communicating this point quickly and clearly, there’s a very good chance you could be losing a large portion of your potential conversions. To begin to understand exactly what you should be saying to your customers, start by asking yourself that very question. “Why should prospects choose me instead of my competition?” If you already have a good answer to this question, then you’re half way there, but that is unlikely. You must be able to offer something others cannot, whether that is certifications from authorities in your industry, unbeatable low prices or testimonials from “97/100 satisfied customers”. If you excel in one aspect of value, you can make a claim. – Read the full article