Date: October, 2011

5 SEO Tactics To Avoid

On October 21st, 2011, wrote:

With many business owners looking to reduce their SEO budgets, there are a wide number and varying quality of websites offering advice and tips on how to improve the ranking of your site (from paid links to Indian article writers—some good, some bad). Leave the guesswork out: here we look at some SEO tactics to avoid. Keyword stuffing A tactic that used to work many years ago is now an SEO dinosaur.  The tactic of keyword stuffing involves the gross overuse of keywords within an article or page.  In some cases this can be as high as 10%.  This results in very poor quality articles, and content which likely cause your readers to switch off, and the Google spam filters to switch on! Link Wheels Have they every worked?  It’s certainly debatable.  This tactic involves creating a number of mini-sites or pages, and linking them in a wheel-like topology.  The second article may link to the first, the third to – Read the full article

3 Things that Should Not Exist in Your Sales Page

On October 20th, 2011, wrote:

In order to create a successful sales page, you have to make sure not to include things that will turn off your potential buyers. Most sales pages that have the things that shouldn’t belong there will face the bad consequence of low sales, or no sales at all. That’s why you should carefully examine your sales page before you decide to publish it. Here are things that should not be there: Wrong focus Your entire sales page should focus on addressing your potential customers’ problem — without hard-selling the product. No matter how great your product, don’t boast about it until the last line. You have to educate and give information about how to solve the problem of your potential customers first. Let them know about the product once you’ve done this. And don’t forget to let them know about how to get the product. Criticism and insult You know that your product can solve people’s problems. Now, for example, – Read the full article

How to Build an SEO Strategy for Small Business Websites

On October 18th, 2011, wrote:

Small businesses have a daunting task as they compete with larger companies that boast more resources and staff. How can a small business compete for a share of the search engine market with so much stacked against them? Here are some tips on creating an SEO strategy for your small business: Learn from the Competition Promodo’s SEO specialist Anna Moseva suggests starting your small business SEO strategy with a thorough analysis of the competition. You’re probably familiar with piecing together keywords on Google in order to figure out what people are searching for and what’s already out there by way of content, but Moseva advises that you take the top 20 results in Google and analyze their Alexa Rank with the SEO Quake plugin for Firefox. Once you know the top sites among your competition, you can analyze the kind of traffic they generate and which keywords and adwords are linked to their sites at SEM Rush. This technique will – Read the full article

Why Starting a Company Website Means More than Attracting Visitors

On October 17th, 2011, wrote:

You saw the money tree analogy coming—after all, money is usually the end goal of a startup company. This got me to thinking about the many ways a company can try to yield a profit. I found that people are constantly discussing the importance of content on a company website, but what people are not constantly discussing is the idea that this content does not always equal revenue. I will admit that I frequent many company websites simply to read their blog, yet I have no intention of ever buying their product. The point is, you first want to drive traffic to your webpage, but you cannot stop there. There are many things you can do to make sure that when people are visiting your website, they are tempted to buy. Consider a few of the things your startup company can do to make sure you are attracting the right kinds of visitors and keeping them interested: How to Bring – Read the full article

Google Announces Change To Adwords Algorithm To Give More Weight To Landing Page Relevance

On October 12th, 2011, wrote:

Google’s quest for perfection in search results has led the tech giant back to the drawing board to once again tinker with its AdWords algorithm. The goal remains the same: to deliver users to the most relevant content available that fits their chosen search words while also attracting advertisers by delivering superior return on investment for online advertising. Google Adwords auctions control the “promoted search results” seen at the top and to the right of the organic search results; however, Google and businesses lose customers when those results are of poor quality, because people have no use for spam and will use other search engines. To avoid this, Google offers lower prices to advertisers who have higher rankings as determined by its algorithms. In short, this keyword auction wherein advertisers bid on keywords relevant to their businesses is the way Google makes ad revenue without disappointing search clients. This process is somewhat contentious considering that the real high-quality material should – Read the full article

Is Your Cell Phone Exposing You to Identity Theft?

On October 11th, 2011, wrote:

Protecting your identity involves protecting anything that contains your personal information. And your cell phone or smart phone contains more data about you than you may even realize. Smart phones today are basically small computers, except they often do not have anti-virus protection on them. We use these devices for surfing the internet, checking bank accounts, and even making monetary transactions. The secret service has been trying to fight against identity theft and is recommending a cell phone firewall for all cell phone users to help guard against this kind of electronic hacking. People are spending more time on their phones as they are capable of doing more things. One of the most vulnerable aspects of using your cell phone is online banking. These connections are supposed to be secure, but if you are able to access your bank account by just pressing a button on your phone, then a thief who steals your phone can do the same thing. – Read the full article

5 Hidden Benefits of Blogging for Local Business

On October 10th, 2011, wrote:

Who knew the power of blogging would explode like it has? It seems like everyone has a blog now, from stay-at-home moms to chefs to local business owners. Blogging is a powerful Internet marketing tool for local businesses as it gives you a new, yet subtle way to promote your company. Think of a blog as a way to communicate to the local community without all the business jargon. The point of a blog should be to put out information only. Write about relevant topics that relate to your business and give important facts that people want and need to know. Avoid being a salesman in your blog or people won’t read it. But provide an invaluable resource that people trust and you will build credibility within your community and generate more traffic. 5 hidden benefits of blogging for local business Change your perspective. Blogging forces you to examine your industry from all angles, not just as a provider of – Read the full article

WordPress Issue? Scan “Local Machine”

On October 10th, 2011, wrote:

From humble, open source beginnings, WordPress now powers over  61 million sites worldwide. The extent to which it has grown in popularity not just for bloggers but professional designers and developers is evidenced by Smashing Magazine recently launching an extended, dedicated WordPress section. I’m currently one of these working in web design in Chicago. The Project I recently had a very simple project of launching a blog with a small shopping cart installed in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup held in New Zealand. went live a little over two months ago. The Client With a background in PR/Advertising my client was well versed in getting himself out there, which in a country of 4.5 million people really isn’t that hard to do. He had a good product (sports blog of the most popular sport in NZ), with a niche message/ slant (“Home of New Zealand’s crushing expectation” – that the All Blacks – the National team – – Read the full article