Date: August, 2011

92 Stunning Small Business WordPress Themes

On August 29th, 2011, wrote:

We talk to small businesses and startups all the time that are looking for affordable solutions to build a really sweet, easy to use website. In this post we have compiled 92 high-quality and premium business WordPress themes. We have spent countless hours searching for stunning, user friendly, business oriented WordPress themes. If you think this post is awesome make sure you save it on Delicious you can Digg it or let your followers know on Twitter. If you have a favorite theme that we missed please be sure to let us know and leave a comment below, Enjoy! Pekaboo WordPress Theme $40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Acoustic WordPress Theme $45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Options WordPress Theme $40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Clear WordPress Theme $45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Polyon WordPress Theme $40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy ProMotion WordPress Theme $40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Innovation+Science 2 WordPress Theme $45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Highlight WordPress Theme $45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Bosspress WordPress Theme $35.00 – Read the full article

5 Tips to Getting More Likes On Your Facebook Page

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Is your company making use of a Facebook Fan page? Now with more than 300 million users currently registered, numerous companies have set up Fan Pages fundamental to their advertising labors. People are looking for the most interesting and one-of-a-kind pages to “like”. But what are the best ways of getting maximum number of page likes? Here are the top 5 suggestions for the same: Make your own username – The username or URLs for your Facebook pages are, by default, lengthy and unattractive. Select a different domain name for your page and advance it to your Facebook page. If you by now have a web portal you can make use of a sub-domain, for example Put forward incentives – Users should know the reason to join your page. Present a rebate on your products, or make certain declarations on your page if you have something new about your business. Give these users a bait to like your page. – Read the full article

5 Tips To Help Eradicate Spam

On August 25th, 2011, wrote:

It is quite common to open your email inbox and find pages of unsolicited emails. Putting an E-mail address out there on the Internet usually results in unwanted mail filling your inbox before you have a chance to delete and block it. Sorting through this spam mail is not only time consuming, but is an aggravation most of us will agree we could do without. Here are some tips to help a savvy domain owner and email user utilize the tools at their fingertips to reduce the amount of spam mail received, and possibly eradicate it altogether. Identify Spam Mail Using SpamAssassin Offered as part of the cPanel interface and available for Windows and Linux through the Plesk interface, this weapon against spam is often overlooked by users. Although disabled by default, you can put this tool to use by choosing to enable SpamAssassin in your mail settings. It is possible to configure SpamAssassin to blacklist and block a sender’s – Read the full article

Make Link Building Work For You

On August 24th, 2011, wrote:

Link building is a great tool to help the popularity of your blog or website (in the eyes of your audience) and gain authority (in the eyes of search engines). This is all assuming you go about it the right way, though – buying links will only work so far, and if you always go for the low-hanging fruit of spammy blogs that automatically accept your articles, you’re more likely to be penalized than helped. Relevancy While it is definitely possibly for you to post on a completely irrelevant blog and link back to your website in your author bio – it is ultimately best to focus on the relevancy of the topic of the blog – writing about your green products on a green lifestyle blog. More often than not, unfortunately, that kind of serendipity doesn’t happen too often. Most people will focus on niches that are more tangentially related – for example, if you maintain a guide to – Read the full article

77 Impressive Business WordPress Themes

On August 18th, 2011, wrote:

An ever-expanding set of WordPress themes also guarantees that you look the part. If you’ll notice from the last few weeks, we’ve been creating lists of WordPress themes that we hope will reflect your business identity as well as complement your branding strategy. Today? We bring you another list: this time, it’s a set of 77 Business WordPress themes. We think they’re all awesome. If you have a favorite, let us know by leaving your comment below. We hope you’ll also share the list to others by tweeting the list and posting it on Facebook. RT-Theme 17 WordPress Theme $50.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Inspired WordPress Theme $40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy MetroStyle WordPress Theme $45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Expo18 WordPress Theme $45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Nevada WordPress Theme $45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Rework WordPress Theme $45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Xing WordPress Theme $55.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Rover WordPress Theme $60.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Powerful WordPress Theme $30.00  |  Demo  |  Buy WordPress – Read the full article

5 Most Common Mistakes Made By SEO Beginners

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Search engine optimization is considered both an art and a science. You can learn it and fine-tune your processes to allow for your own set of SEO best practices. But as a beginner in SEO, you should expect to make a lot of mistakes. But that’s okay: it’s a good way for you to learn. However, you could also learn from the mistakes of others.  Here are the top five mistakes that most SEO beginners commit: 1. Not focusing on content. Most site owners and webmasters tend to rely on tricks and so-called SEO techniques to get a better ranking on search engines. Because of that, they neglect the content of the site. This is probably the biggest mistake that anybody doing SEO could commit. Over the years, webmasters have gained artificially high ranking from getting links from link farms, or getting reciprocal links, or spamming DMOZ. There were other black hat and grey hat techniques. But over time, these tactics were found out – Read the full article

How to Make a Memorable Company Logo

On August 8th, 2011, wrote:

With all of the commotion that goes along with a business, sometimes the easiest things are forgotten. Even worse, sometimes the easiest things can become complicated because after all—is anything about your company really easy? As it turns out, creating a logo is one of those rare things about your company that will turn out great results without a ton of work. Just ask Google. A logo is part of your company’s branding, which consists of everything a company does and everything a company is involved with including mission statements, customer guarantees, Internet marketing efforts, and taglines. If you have creative people on your side, you should be able to come up with a logo or tagline that is ready to hit the Internet in successful, viral fashion. I dare you to try and think of a major company that does not have a logo. Everyone is reaping the benefits of logos because they have proven to be potentially very – Read the full article

Checkout by Amazon: How it Can Improve Your Site’s Conversion Rate

On August 5th, 2011, wrote:

Every website owner engaged in e-commerce knows how critical it is to get more visitors to become customers. Getting the visitors to come to the site is one thing, but persuading them to convert to customers is another. E-commerce is a rapidly growing sector of the business world, projected to overtake traditional retail outlets sooner rather than later. Running a business website is a lot like running a store, with several obvious differences, one being that visitors arrive virtually instead of in person. An e-commerce website has to monitor and track its visitors very carefully to generate key statistics. One of these key statistics is the conversion rate, which is generated by dividing the number of customers by the number of visitors. It tells the website owner how many visitors are being persuaded to become customers. The conversion rate spells the difference between success and failure for a website. Websites can take advantage of several tools to improve the conversion – Read the full article