Date: July, 2011

34 WordPress Themes for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes

On July 29th, 2011, wrote:

Delicious. That’s one word to describe this list of WordPress themes for restaurants. And that one word is all we need. If you’re a restaurant owner, hotel manager, food and beverage professional, master chef, Internet marketer, or Web designer looking to establish your presence online, please do spend some time checking out the latest addition to our lists of WordPress themes. Because this one’s for you. Looking to attract more guests, customers, patrons, fans, and followers by way of a mouth-watering website? Excited to showcase your delightful menu of specialties, best-sellers, and packages to the rest of the world? Ready to win over people with a well-designed restaurant WordPress theme that reflects your establishment’s identity and culinary style? Just scroll down to check out the list. Well, hopefully, with this list, you’ll find a WordPress theme that’s suitable for you. If you have a favorite, do let us know by leaving your comment below. And be sure to share the – Read the full article

How Social Media Can Help You Enhance The Credibility Of Your Car Dealership

On July 28th, 2011, wrote:

Creating a social media presence for your car dealer website can bolster the credibility of your business in numerous ways. Given the increasing popularity of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, there is every likelihood that all your existing and prospective customers are on these sites. Social media would enable you to portray your dealership to your customers and prospects in the best light possible and create an intimate system of engagement that would enhance interactivity and establish your dealership as a formidable player in the automotive industry. Here are some ways through which social media can enhance the credibility of your car dealer website. Establishes your brand – Registering your dealership for a social media profile would ensure that your brand has arrived on the social scene. This would give your car dealer website a phenomenal online presence and make your brand appear authentic and trustworthy to your fans. Professionalism – The popular adage “pictures speak a thousand words” holds – Read the full article

Want a Successful Facebook Page? 5 Tips to Help You Create One

On July 26th, 2011, wrote:

With more than 500 million active users, Facebook is the most popular website in the world. No matter what niche you’re in, it’s highly likely that your target audience is chock full of Facebook users. So, how do you create a Facebook page that’s really going to boost your traffic and sales? By following these 5 tips: 1. Keep it fun For many people, Facebook offers a great way to relax after a long day. If your page offers fun pictures, cool links, and interesting status updates, people will enjoy spending time there. And the more people you have on your page, the more likely they are to come back – or to use your services when it comes time for them to spend money. 2. Turn it into a community If you make your fans feel like they’re a part of the group, they’ll start to think of your less as a “company” and more as “friends”. And let’s face – Read the full article

Your Mobile SEO Checklist

On July 25th, 2011, wrote:

Increasingly, people are accessing the Web from smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices. It’s not just the desktop and laptop anymore. This means that, as a business owner, Internet marketer, or SEO professional, you have to come up with a search engine optimization strategy that’s specific to mobile – a strategy that will help you get found online more easily and quickly. Let smartphone users and mobile consumers find you whenever they search. Here’s a mobile SEO checklist to get you started: Plan for it. Set a strategy, identify your targets, and plan accordingly. Like any other SEO campaign, successful mobile marketing takes plenty of research and preparation. Know the various mobile search engines. There’s Google XHTML, Google Mobile, Bing Mobile, Yahoo! Mobile, AOL Mobile, and abphone – among many others. Familiarize yourself with these by using your own mobile phone or tablet device. “Mobilize” your website. There are plenty of plug-ins and tools for building a mobile version of – Read the full article

47 WordPress Themes for Graphic Designers & Artists

On July 21st, 2011, wrote:

Artists, graphic designers, and photographers are taking their work to the Web. But what’s the most suitable (read: eye-popping) way to do so? If you ask us, the recommended platform would be WordPress. Just check out the features. There are just so many things you can do with the CMS (content management system) that will help you express yourself beyond words and effectively capture the attention of your audience, clients, fans, and followers. It’s in this light that we present to you once again a list of 47 awesome WordPress themes – this time, for visual artists, designers, and photographers. Hopefully, this will give you the edge you need to stand out from the rest of the pack. And, hopefully, this will deliver the stunning looks that you need to embody your work portfolio. Do you have a favorite WordPress theme that we missed? Let us know in the comments, Enjoy! Nimble WordPress Theme $50.00  |  Demo  |  Buy Paula WordPress Theme – Read the full article

Tips for Using Your Blog as a Publishing Nucleus

On July 20th, 2011, wrote:

Blogs have increasingly become valuable multimedia hubs where personal bloggers and companies provide information through all types of media in various categories of interest. When bloggers write posts and get them published, they expect readers to find them. The fact, however, is that your blog is one among millions of others – probably even hundreds of millions – existing in the Web universe. Instead of waiting to be discovered, you need to find a way of telling the world that you exist. The best way of doing this is to promote your blog to social media sites. Once your post is published at your ‘hub’, you should let your followers and fans find the post where they hang out. With more than 200 million Twitter users and about 800 million on Facebook, having your post promoted through social media is crucial in giving your blog much needed exposure. There are several major platforms where you can publish and enable people – Read the full article

Make Your WordPress Sidebar Work For You

On July 18th, 2011, wrote:

The WordPress sidebar is a helpful tool that gives site owners a chance to engage readers, direct them to content and other pages, and read prior entries. With an extensive sidebar widget system, there are lots of great options for blog owners who are looking to take their design — and their readership to the next level. Subscription Options Offered as an optional plugin for the standard WordPress installation, the Subscription Options widget allows your readers to subscribe to your site’s blog entry or comments RSS feed. That means they’ll always have your freshest entries in their RSS reader of choice, and they’ll be alerted to new content. It’s a great way to keep people coming back again and again every time you post new content to your blog or other website. Users can also use this handy widget to subscribe to email updates, like a digest of your site’s weekly entries, as well as post your entries to Twitter – Read the full article

40 Fantastic Premium WordPress Themes

On July 15th, 2011, wrote:

Because our WordPress themes posts have been so popular, we’re bringing you yet another one. This latest list features 40 premium WordPress themes that are suitable for all business, regardless of size and industry. By “premium”, of course, we mean they’re certainly worth paying for. Of course, by choosing WordPress (our favorite CMS here at Lakeshore Branding), you already know you’re getting an awesome set of features. Whatever your goals are, you can leverage the platform to enhance cost-effectiveness, simplify your Web design, add customizations, and improve your social media and search ranking performance. A suitable theme completes the look – and gives you the competitive edge that you need to stand out in your industry. Think this list is awesome? Share it by tweeting, posting it on Facebook, bookmarking, commenting, or adding on to the list! If you have a favorite premium WordPress theme that we missed out on, please be sure to let us know and leave a – Read the full article