Date: June, 2011

Google’s New Authorship Markup Connects Authors to their Content

On June 30th, 2011, wrote:

Great content comes from great authors. At least that’s what Google thinks. That’s why, in an effort to recognize the people who write original stuff on the Web, the search engine company has recently rolled out a new authorship markup feature. “(It’s) a way to connect authors with their content on the Web,” wrote Google software engineer Othar Hansson in a company blog post. “We’re experimenting with using this data to help people find content from great authors in our search results.” It gets a little technical, but the development is in line with Google’s attempt to encourage more original content to be published on the Web, all while minimizing the influence and performance of low-quality content (from content farms) in search results. Google’s support for authorship markup extends to include: Prominently displaying the names of authors of articles within search results Enabling people to use Google search results to learn more about, find other works by, or contact and – Read the full article

Product Page: Tips to Making It An Awesome Sales Magnet

On June 29th, 2011, wrote:

So you’ve e-Commerce’d your site up. (Hopefully with Magento, our favorite.) And you’re ready to roll. The homepage is ready. The product shots have been Photoshopped to perfection. The design and the color schemes look very cool (ahem, an aesthetic term) and you’ve set up your checkout process with a secure third-party payment gateway. That’s it, right? Well – not if you haven’t dedicated as much effort as you already have to your product pages. Here’s a list of awesome tips for turning your product pages into awesome sales magnets: Optimize it. This, really, is a given, since you want the search engines to find you as easily and as often as the human visitors do. Great ways to make your product page SEO-friendly include: avoiding duplicate content and duplicate URLs; writing up unique and compelling text descriptions for each product (don’t just copy the manufacturers’ descriptions); and editing this content in a way that makes it relevant to your – Read the full article

7 Local Search Engine Optimization Tools to Help You Get Found Online

On June 27th, 2011, wrote:

A few days ago we talked about how important local search / SEO has become – and what you can do to enhance your local search performance and Internet marketing efforts. Well, as we conducted our research for that story, we stumbled upon a number of neat local search engine optimization tools. And, knowing how much readers love lists (our competitive intelligence tools post is one definitely worth checking out), we made another one – this time, to help you in your search for tools that are designed to give you an edge over local competitors. Enjoy! Local Search Toolkit This is one of our favorite local SEO tools right now. The invention of seOverflow’s Mike Belasco and Mary Bowling, the Local Search Toolkit features a Google Places Results Analyzer which generates competitive analysis and data from search results in Google Places. With the Local Search Toolkit, you can download, analyze, and review citation sources – and sort seamlessly through – Read the full article

Who deserves that ticket to the upcoming Blueglass TPA?

On June 26th, 2011, wrote:

I recently entered a contest to win a free ticket to the BlueGlass conference and I got really excited with the opportunity. As part of the comment I made a photoshopped image which shows Google telling them that I should be selected was the winner. So who deserves that ticket to the upcoming Blueglass TPA? I think I do and I want to tell you why and a little about myself. I met the AL team just a few months ago at Gangplank in Chandler, while in town for Startup Weekend. Chase sat down with for at least an hour to explain all the cool stuff the AL team was working on, explain how they were able to get accurate rankings and the fact that I have been a customer for a year, will make me a great brand ambassador while I am down in Florida. I would love the rep the AL while I am down there. I am – Read the full article

How to Create a Profitable Opt-In List

On June 24th, 2011, wrote:

Success in list building is not assured by selecting the right niche or adding people to a list. Just because you have included potential clients on your list does not imply that they will purchase your services and products. The following are tips that will be helpful when you want to build or alter a list – and make it as profitable as possible.   Win your customer’s trust You can’t just recommend services and products to people who don’t even know you. It is important to win their trust before attempting to sell anything to them. However, trust does not come easy; you have to work for it. The fact that you have an opt-in list does not necessarily mean that you are now a trustworthy seller. Begin by writing articles about your niche and let people see your expertise. You could then go ahead to create a forum on your website. This will help you extract important information – Read the full article

17 Neat Local SEO / Local Search Tips, Tricks, and Tools

On June 22nd, 2011, wrote:

It’s great to drive traffic – online and offline – from all corners of the world. But if you’re a smart marketer, you’ll realize you don’t have to be so international – at least not when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Thanks to local search, businesses don’t have to squander resources on attracting customers and visitors that are beyond their geographic reach anyway. One can instead focus on catering to the heart of the locals. Want to find out how? Here’s a list of 17 great local SEO and local search tips, tricks, and tools to help you get started. Claim. Claim your local listing on Google Places. While you’re at it, go to Bing Local and Yahoo Local and claim your listings there, too. Apply best practices. Read our guide on Google Places to put yourself closer to the center of the map. Submit your info to the online yellow pages. Sign up in online directories and – Read the full article

Will Klout Impersonalize LinkedIn?

On June 20th, 2011, wrote:

LinkedIn is universally respected in the business world for its ability to bring professionals together. Originally, the network was very strict about managing connections. Only people who had done business or gone to school together were allowed to be connected. If a person was a stranger to you, LinkedIn shunned adding them as a connection. However, this may have all changed. A LinkedIn connection was once almost as personal (while still being professional) as a Facebook connection; however, recent news is reporting that Klout scores are available fore LinkedIn users. Will this mean users will embrace LinkedIn with a game-like sense? I’m not going as far to say users on LinkedIn will begin exploiting connections to gain Klout, but users on Twitter are already tweeting about raising their Klout score quite often. We may see a paradigm shift in the sole purpose of LinkedIn. What is Klout? A Klout score is best compared as a social popularity ranking. Users are – Read the full article

Dreamweaver or Nothing for Website Developers?

On June 16th, 2011, wrote:

First of all, this is not a recommendation for Dreamweaver. If the title sounds like a covert suggestion to use Dreamweaver, please accept my apologies. All I want to do is tell readers why Dreamweaver is such a big hit amongst developers when it comes to creating websites and web applications. So without wasting any more of your time, here goes: Single Panel – Multiple Designs Dreamweaver CS5.5 offers you a feature known as ‘Multiscreen Preview Panel’. This feature allows a single panel view for styling and visualize rendering for not only the PC but also for smartphones and even tablets like the Apple iPad. This has made the job easier for developers to corroborate styles and data and ensure that a particular website design is compatible across various platforms and devices. Faster and Simpler Integration of Interactivity What do people want from their websites these days? They are looking for better interactivity, yet another reason why website developers love – Read the full article