Date: March, 2011

Marketing Tips: Guide on How to Write a Killer Brochure

On March 30th, 2011, wrote:

When you are marketing a brand name or product – online or offline – it is essential for you to acquire the know-how of writing a brochure effectively. The contents of the brochure will either be ignored or call potential customers to action. Information must be helpful to the reader so that they will feel a need to contact you for further assistance. Brochures have been used in marketing for years and the fact that they are still around – and have taken several new forms on the Web as online promotional literature – is testament to their inherent value in contributing to sales. Below are some useful tips on the process of writing a traditional or online brochure effectively: Keep it Brief The contents of your brochure must be brief and to the point. It is possible that the brochure may have several pages but the information therein must be relevant. Readers mostly scan through the brochure to check – Read the full article

Business Blogging Tips: Why Link Out to Other Sites and Blogs?

On March 29th, 2011, wrote:

Before Facebook, before Twitter, there was something called blogging. Remember that? Well, blogging hasn’t exactly gone out of fashion; only, this form of online content publishing has evolved since the time of LiveJournal and Open Diary. (That was so 1998!) And it’s certainly attracted the attention of more and more business owners who have recognized that the interactivity and SEO benefits of blogging go a long way in establishing – and enhancing – their visibility online. Now, any SEO expert will tell you that incoming links are a great way of boosting the popularity of your company or business blog – that they increase your PageRank (PR). But few ever counsel linking out to other sites or blogs, which should actually be just as integral a part of your linking strategy as generating incoming links. Why? Well, here are only some of the reasons: It’s good practice. Bloggers tend to get obsessed about getting as many incoming links as possible. – Read the full article

Revamped Facebook Questions – and How Businesses and Brands Can Use It

On March 28th, 2011, wrote:

Sometime last year, social networking giant Facebook launched an online Q&A product called Questions. It was thought to be a feature that would rival Yahoo! Answers or the much buzzed-about Quora – in that Facebook Questions would be a similar online database of knowledge, built by hundreds of millions of users – but the product eventually failed to gain traction. Few people used it. Now, Facebook Questions has been revamped and made more “social”. It’s probably less ambitious than its first version, but it’s certainly better and more useful this time. In a March 25 announcement made on the Facebook blog, product manager Adrian Graham explained the Facebook Questions update: “Friends are often the best source of advice when you’re trying new things. Friends know your tastes, and you have confidence in their opinions. Over the summer, we began testing Questions with a small group of people, and today we are beginning to roll it out to everyone…. There are – Read the full article

Social Analytics Tools for Measuring the Impact of Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

On March 25th, 2011, wrote:

When businesses, brand managers, and marketers talk about social media, there’s always one acronym that’s always being brought up: ROI. It is, of course, perfectly reasonable. One needs numbers, results, and reasons for going social. (Well, at least one needs these things if “going social” is part of what’s called “work”.) One needs to justify the amount of money and effort spent on campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. Not just justify, actually, but also monitor, measure, and manage. Good thing we have all kinds of apps and tools for gathering intelligence (about our efforts and that of competitors). It’s challenging enough finding ways to write retweetable tweets, increase follower counts and expand fan bases, design Like-able Facebook pages, or go viral with video. But to take things like “perception”, “engagement”, “feedback”, and “sentiment” and try to pull out numbers from these, too? How does one begin to quantify any of that? So like we said: good thing we have so – Read the full article

Google Gives Blogger a Makeover

On March 23rd, 2011, wrote:

Watch out, WordPress and Tumblr. Blogger is about to undergo a major makeover this year. At this year’s SXSW in Austin, Texas, search engine giant Google provided a glimpse of the new and improved Blogger, its very own blogging and publishing platform and sixth largest website in the world (according to Alexa). To be included in the series of updates to Blogger are: a brand new interface, a revamped post editor, a more customizable template designer, and a new content discovery feature. These and more are going to be rolled out throughout the year. “2010 was a big year for Blogger,” wrote Chang Kim, Blogger Product Manager, in a blog post covering the announcement. “We introduced template designer, real-time stats, comment spam filtering, mobile templates, web fonts and more. 2011 promises to be another exciting year. We’re kicking things off at SXSW by giving folks a sneak peek at our next-generation user interface. The new design is not only cleaner and more modern, but it also – Read the full article

AT&T Acquires T Mobile USA for $39 Billion

On March 22nd, 2011, wrote:

Today’s explosive demand for mobile broadband has led to one stunning deal Sunday. In a move described as a “fast, efficient and certain solution to impending spectrum exhaust challenges” facing the company, AT&T announced that it will acquire T-Mobile USA from Deutsche Telekom in a cash-and-stock transaction valued at approximately $39 billion. In return, Deutsche Telekom will acquire approximately 8 percent of AT&T and gain a seat on AT&T’s board of directors. The transaction, pending regulatory approval, will soon make AT&T the largest carrier in the U.S.  It will also expand the company’s LTE 4G-based deployment to 95 percent of the US population, reaching an additional 46.5 million Americans, including those in rural communities and small towns. Currently, AT&T and T-Mobile USA have a combined total of over 125 million subscribers, while Verizon, AT&T’s closest rival, has over 93 million. “This transaction represents a major commitment to strengthen and expand critical infrastructure for our nation’s future,” said Randall Stephenson, AT&T – Read the full article

Letting Testimonials Speak for You: A Guide to Soliciting and Maximizing Customer Reviews

On March 16th, 2011, wrote:

According to a study by Forrester Research, 71 percent of online shoppers read customer reviews before making a purchase decision. That’s close to three out of every four! Enough for us to have to seriously take this insight, one that serves as yet another proof that, when it comes to winning new customers (and bringing in new business) a satisfied customer or a loyal fan just might be your most potent sales rep. Oh, and it’s also probably a good idea to start soliciting customer reviews and testimonials. Why? More than techniques to manage your online reputation, reviews and testimonials can act as the worms that bait the fish. (Worms: a funny word to describe that which persuades shoppers to buy and mere visitors to become customers.) Need advice on soliciting – and maximizing the potency of – customer reviews and testimonials? Here’s a quick guide: Soliciting Reviews Ask for it. Your customers may never know that you want their – Read the full article

More Pay Per Click Tips and Tricks: Why You Need PPC Tracking

On March 14th, 2011, wrote:

Most businesses and websites that invest in Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaigns know the basics of running one. They’d also know that the most important element of any PPC campaign is keyword research: spending time on finding out what phrases will be the most useful for your website when set against the cost of the most commonly used phrases in your business sector. Keyword research and keyword selection make up the single most important job for any website, and finding the balance between the most commonly used phrases and value for money when competing with your rivals can often make or break the performance – and value – of your campaign. Once you have mastered the basics of keyword research, it is possible to dig deeper into the more sophisticated arts of Pay-per-Click and hone your PPC strategies and skills even more. One way of doing this is through Pay-per-Click tracking. PPC tracking allows you to evaluate the Pay-per-Click campaigns you have – Read the full article