Date: January, 2011

7 Premium Tumblr Themes Worth Paying For

On January 27th, 2011, wrote:

Users of Tumblr don’t have to open their wallets to get a great selection of themes. Tumblr’s theme directory offers hundreds of interesting, attractive and and practical themes that you can choose from. Combine that with a powerful set of customization tools to create your own theme or customize the one you’re using, users get a virtually unlimited set of themes without paying a dime. However, Tumblr does offer a set of very compelling premium themes that add yet another dimension to the site’s already extensive library. But while it may seem odd to pay for a theme with so many great, free options available, there are many that are well worth the money. Consider these seven examples of premium Tumblr themes that, for many sites, may be well worth the cash. Snippet Magazine themes are becoming extremely popular on other blogging platforms and Snippet likely the best magazine-style theme for Tumblr. With great use of white space to make – Read the full article

Using Reddit and Social Bookmarking for Business

On January 20th, 2011, wrote:

As you’ll notice, we’ve been focusing recently on the “marriage” of search engine optimization and social media – and talking about things like how you can use social media sites for your SEO campaign, or how you can leverage Twitter for link building. We believe that social can have a tremendous impact on search. And by “social” we don’t mean just Twitter and Facebook. We take into account other websites, too, like Reddit. Reddit – a social bookmarking site – is one of the darlings that we’re keeping an eye on this 2011. It has been around, having been launched 5 years ago, but Reddit enjoyed its best year last 2010 when it experienced a 300 percent surge in traffic (thanks largely to the expense of faltering Digg) and record 829 million page views last December alone. The site markets itself as “the voice of the Internet – (with) news before it happens”. Being a social bookmarking site, Reddit delivers – Read the full article

Whoa: Facebooks Online Ad Spend Reached $1.86 Billion in 2010

On January 19th, 2011, wrote:

Google has a new competitor in online advertising – and it’s today’s most famous Internet startup. According to market research firm eMarketer, social networking website Facebook earned revenues of $1.86 billion last year – from advertising alone. Whoa. The figure surpassed the estimate of many industry observers, who had asserted that Facebook was on track to reach $2 billion in revenues in 2010 – a total that Facebook has likely met and exceeded, considering that online advertising is only one of its several revenue streams. “2010 was the year that Facebook firmly established itself as a major force not only in social network advertising but all of online advertising,” said eMarketer analyst Debra Aho Williamson, who is also the author of the upcoming report, “Worldwide Social Network Ad Spending: 2011 Outlook”. Williamson added that 60 percent of Facebook’s ad revenue came from small businesses. Facebook’s total online ad earnings, which came mostly from the 50 billion display ads placed on – Read the full article

Using Social Media For Your Website’s SEO Campaign

On January 18th, 2011, wrote:

A long time ago, aka a couple years, Social Media had no relevance to your page rank or SEO campaign.  Social Media was simply another tool, or middleman to connect your business with your clients.  Usually links to social media were rel= nofollowed (tell search robots to not click on link).  Up until a few years ago, social websites media sites were not considered as high quality links and did not carry much authority. As of today, the number of Facebook and Twitter users exceed  500 Million! If this isn’t a reason to give a website authority, then I quit this industry.  Google and Bing realized that there is quality in Facebook and Twitter and have said they can directly impact you page rank.  Fret not friends, your quest for more followers and to get Gaga to retweet you can actually pay off. Twitter: Twitter, while some still call it a ‘new’ phenomenon, it is crucial for successful business today.  It has been one – Read the full article

Mozy Review: Cloud Based Data Backup Solution

On January 17th, 2011, wrote:

The growth of the Internet has marked a rapid rise in the use of cloud computing services and apps. Just check out our list. There are cloud-based solutions for storage, for online presentation, for file syncing, for note-taking (like our favorite, Evernote), for accounting and finance, for pretty much anything. There are also cloud-based solutions that are purely for backup. One of them is Mozy, which we’ll look at and briefly review here. Mozy Review Mozy is an online backup service for Windows and Mac, with features for backing up data continuously, manually, or according to a user-defined schedule. The data and files are stored in offsite servers, which basically means that if your laptop was stolen in a café or if your desktop computer died a terrible, virus-caused death, then your most important documents are still safe and sound – and can be retrieved anytime from the Internet. Getting started with Mozy is easy, although you do have to – Read the full article

How Can a PPC Management Company Improve Your Business?

On January 16th, 2011, wrote:

Successful modern businesses know that the best way to cash in on an ever-decreasing post-credit crunch consumer market is to gain trade online. Any entrepreneur who has noted the decline in passing high street trade and dipped their toe into the web market will know that gaining a share of online business is a complex process. One extremely important piece of the Web marketing puzzle is pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising. What is PPC? PPC advertising offers businesses access to an intensely targeted range of online marketing services. Depending on their own needs and the perceived habits of their potential client base, websites can draw in customers using a number of clever targeting techniques. PPC advertising is offered by online giants, such as Google and Yahoo, and by social networking sites like Facebook. It also comes in bespoke form through professional PPC companies, who can place PPC anchor text links in web copy posted on third-party sites and blogs. Choosing a PPC – Read the full article

Your Quick Guide: Twitter for Link Building

On January 15th, 2011, wrote:

Popular microblogging and social networking site Twitter is all the rage now – and for good reason, too. It’s a truly unique platform, one that allows social media and SEO (search engine optimization) – two of the hottest trends in Internet marketing today – to come together, and possibly even support each other. Yes, it is possible. Indeed, Twitter has far more useful qualities than the ability to broadcast what you had for breakfast today. Leverage the social media tool properly and, with best practices in “tweeting”, you might even be able to improve the performance of your link building campaign. That’s right: social media and SEO coming together. Let’s look at some of the many ways in which you can use Twitter for link building: Engage. Using Twitter’s search tool, find the people who matter to your business and start engaging with them. Give them @mentions, send them @replies, retweet their updates or links – all towards the goal – Read the full article

Social Gaming Market Expected to Surpass $1 Billion in 2011

On January 14th, 2011, wrote:

Online social gaming – or playing games on social networks – is about to go big this year. We’re talking one-billion-dollars big. New York research firm eMarketer reports that the social gaming market is expected to pass $1 billion this 2011 – a 28 percent rise from last year’s $856 million – and that close to 62 million US Internet users will play at least one game a month this year. The rapid rise of social gaming, according to eMarketer, will be driven by three main contributors: online advertising, online lead generation, and the implementation of branded virtual goods. Last year, 53 million Americans played at least one game on a social network, a staggering number that can be attributed to the rising popularity of social games like FarmVille, CityVille, Pet Society, and the Mafia Wars Game, among many others that one would find on Facebook or MySpace. The number is expected to grow this year, along with dollars that – Read the full article