Date: October, 2010

Mistakes Every SEO Beginner Makes

On October 14th, 2010, wrote:

SEO is simple, right? That’s what we SEO professionals would like you to think – so you do it wrong. And we win. Lots of people move to that “advanced beginner” stage – where they think they know what they’re doing, but in reality, have no clue what they’re doing at all. It’s impossible to avoid until someone would point out gaffes in your SEO strategy. I’m not trying to be egotistical or anything here: definitely, I made these same mistakes at the beginning, and I’m only pointing them out so you don’t. Looking at your own site at a high level – but not others’ sites: Many people are capable of deeply analyzing their own website for things like crawl errors, indexation, and the like, but when they see a link target, they completely throw it to the side. In my early days, I would find link directories and blindly submit because the homepage was a PR4 (PageRank) – – Read the full article

How Much Space and Bandwidth Do You Need for Your Site?

On October 14th, 2010, wrote:

There are plenty of web hosting services out there that want you to believe that you need five gigabytes of space and terabytes of bandwidth for a simple WordPress-powered blog that you just started. In reality, most personal websites, even business websites, need nowhere near this capacity. Even so, bandwidth and space are becoming cheaper every year from web hosts and even E-mail services. It’s a feature which seems to take precedence over some of the more important aspects of finding a good web hosting service provider. What could happen if you run out of bandwidth? Running out of bandwidth is one position you don’t want to find yourself in. As a website matures and gains more users, it’s natural that your space and bandwidth requirements will grow. As such, you should keep an eye on the trends of your website and try to anticipate the need for more bandwidth or space before you run out or you will be faced – Read the full article

4 Steps to Effective Article Marketing

On October 13th, 2010, wrote:

Article marketing is no doubt one of the quickest and easiest way to promote your website. But most webmasters don’t look into this method of promotion because they think that it is difficult and time-consuming. The fact is, article marketing is probably the cheapest and fastest way to get free targeted visitors to your blog or website. Step 1: Keyword Research To start off your article marketing campaign, effective keyword research is a must. If you are after a specific niche, then the keywords you are after are probably researched already. If you have no idea how to do keyword research, don’t be afraid, here is the perfect place to learn. Some tools to help you get started: Google Keyword Tool (One of the Must-Use of any online marketer) Micro Niche Finder (My personal favorite, because it tells you exactly whether the keyword is good or not) Market Samurai (Another pretty cool market research program, and a bunch of other functions) Make – Read the full article

Finding the Right SEO Consultant

On October 12th, 2010, wrote:

The Internet has provided many businesses with new exciting opportunities. We know that an increasing number of consumers are turning to the Web when it comes to purchasing products and services. As a business owner, this means that it’s vital that you maintain an online presence. You’ll want to give potential customers the best possible chance to buy your services. The first step on the road to achieving this will be to build a website. Many small business owners take that first step, but too few think about what to do next. The reality is that having a website will be of very little value unless consumers can actually find it. This is what makes search engine optimization (SEO) so vital to any business that’s aiming to succeed online: appearing at the top of the search engine rankings will give you the best chance of being noticed. Hiring a suitable SEO consultant is thus going to be important to your – Read the full article

Headway Themes: A Premium WordPress Theme for Those Who do not Know Code

On October 12th, 2010, wrote:

WordPress is one of the most popular publishing platforms and content management systems CMS) around today, and there’s certainly no shortage of premium WordPress themes on the Web for designers and developers to tinker with. Indeed, WordPress stands out because of its open-source nature, advanced templating system, and excellent plug-in architecture, all of which allow users to do pretty much anything they want to do to their WordPress sites, and customize as much of these as they like — — provided, of course, that they’re good with codes. When something called Headway Themes was launched July of last year, we here at Lakeshore Branding couldn’t help but think, “Oh, here’s another one.” By “another one”, we meant another premium WordPress theme – like WooThemes and Thesis – which, sure enough, would offer almost infinite options for designing, customizing, and fine-tuning WordPress sites, but which only advanced developers and CSS or HTML professionals would understand and be able to use. We – Read the full article

What Your Optimized Press Release for Online Should Have

On October 11th, 2010, wrote:

Launching a new product? Opening a new branch or office? Headlining an event? Just won an industry award? Take advantage of the fact that you’re making news – go write a press release. Not only does this classic PR strategy earn you an opportunity to gain free publicity (so you won’t have to pay $15,000 for advertising placements); a press release also allows you to reach a wide audience through the media. You get to keep the brand fresh in their minds, and you’re able to enhance the visibility of your business, too. A press release is your opportunity to get a message through – without having to use hard-sell techniques, sales pitches, and marketing buzzwords. These days, it’s a best practice to optimize your press release for the Web. Why? Well, there are a bunch of reasons why – like reaching potential customers who don’t necessarily keep an eye out for items in traditional news media (newspapers, radio, TV), – Read the full article

Online Business Meetings The Good, the Bad and the High Tech

On October 10th, 2010, wrote:

Online business meetings bring the world to your presentation or discussion. Unfortunately, online business meetings can cost the human element that makes a sales relationship lasting. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of an online business meeting as opposed to booking meeting rooms. Pros of an online business meeting Anywhere, Anytime – Anytime, anywhere, by anyone and to everyone was one of the promises of the Internet. Online business meetings can fulfill that promise. Online presentations can be offered by sales teams around the world, reaching audiences everywhere at once. Economy of Scale – Both the digital broadcasting hardware and receiving hardware in the form of computers have become commonplace, reducing the cost of producing as well as receiving online business meetings. Online meetings also make meetings more affordable to everyone with the hardware to view it. Whether thirty interested experts attend or three thousand potential customers listen in is only a limit of the processing ability of the server. – Read the full article

Why Lakeshore Branding Loves

On October 9th, 2010, wrote:

It’s been around, but up to this day, when people think of Moo (at, there’s a good chance they might associate it with domestic livestock. That’s why we here at Lakeshore Branding thought of outlining the top reasons why we love Moo, a great card creation service that doesn’t at all have anything to do with cows. Founded in 2004, Moo is basically an online print business, specializing in the creation of high-quality business cards and related products. The service is catered to businesses and professionals, but it is equally great for designers, freelancers, bloggers, photographers, and anyone else who has to personally introduce himself or herself in some form and situation to another human being. In short, Moo is for everyone. As a creative online communications agency, Lakeshore Branding is always on the lookout for great ideas and inspiration for the Web. But no matter how much we love the Internet, we still can’t put it in our – Read the full article