Date: September, 2010

eCommerce Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

On September 29th, 2010, wrote:

Social media offers endless possibilities for marketing and selling your product online. But you know that already. (And we must have been going on and on about it.) You know that Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and similar social media sites are great for E-commerce and online retailers – that, if leveraged properly, they can help you engage targeted communities, increase your online visibility, enhance your brand, drive traffic to your site, and maximize your sales opportunities. Now – hold on right there. Before you even think of getting started and unleashing your campaign unto the wonderful world of social media, you may want to be aware of the common mistakes that businesses – regardless of size – make. Mistakes that can make social media marketing a burden instead of an opportunity. Mistakes which you should at all costs avoid. Don’t throw yourself into social media without a plan or strategy. Some businesses think all it takes is to sign up on – Read the full article

Tying in Mobile with Social Media Marketing

On September 29th, 2010, wrote:

There is a multitude of ways that a company can catch the attention of their target audience. More and more, companies are turning to social media outlets to gain the attention that they need for their brands to increase in popularity. These programs can be taken even a step further through the use of mobile marketing as well. The first thing to know about marketing through mobile services is that there are laws which surround this. You are not allowed to use leads which have been purchased as you have to have permission to send messages to clients. If you do not have permission, you face legal difficulties due to the FCC anti-mobile telemarketing laws. There are ways that you can make sure to have a lucrative marketing through the mobile market and a lot of it has to deal with social media marketing. This is because when there is a good social media marketing plan, you can reach new – Read the full article

Getting Clicky With It

On September 28th, 2010, wrote:

Web analytics doesn’t sound like fun. The minute you see those charts, tables, numbers, and geeky acronyms, it will sound even less fun. But analytics – or the analysis and reporting of Internet data with the objective of understanding web usage – delivers information that is essential to all businesses with some form of presence or another on the Web. It helps you understand what you’re doing right, what you’re not doing right, and what you can do to improve. Enter Clicky at Used on about a quarter of a million websites, Clicky is a web analytics tool that is, at the very least, on par with the biggest and most comprehensive analytics tools out there right now. But it’s not that which makes Clicky unique, for what really sets it apart is that it makes analytics fun. Easy to understand. Easy to manage. Oh, and unlike the traditional favorite Google Analytics, Clicky measures data in real-time. You won’t – Read the full article

4 Insights into Mobile Usability

On September 27th, 2010, wrote:

The explosion of mobile over the last several years is well documented. However, issues with the usability (or lack thereof) of mobile devices, websites and applications seem to be getting little play in the midst of all the hype. The still-very-venerable Jakob Nielsen, though, has warned that usability of mobile devices and websites is horrifyingly similar to the bad old early days of personal computing. Reviewing usability tests of mobile devices just last summer (2009), Nielsen wrote: “Observing user suffering during our sessions reminded us of the very first usability studies we did with traditional websites in 1994.” He summarizes his findings: “the mobile user experience is miserable.” Indeed, most of us seem to expect spotty service, ridiculously scrolly pages, multiple clicks to accomplish one step in a process, and limited functionality all around. Why? And for how long are people going to put up with this? Recently the Toronto usability company Interpix Design worked with a major Canadian company, – Read the full article

How to use Google AdWords to Improve your SEO Campaigns

On September 23rd, 2010, wrote:

When researching or choosing a product or service, visitors typically follow a keyword path. This keyword path can be used to help inform your SEO campaigns. For example, let’s imagine we have an imaginary visitor who is trying to choose a digital camera. Our visitor might start off by researching digital cameras. In Google, they will search upon the keywords “digital cameras”. They might complete some research, read some reviews, and decide upon a make of camera – let’s say they have decided upon a Nikon. Let’s now imagine that our visitor will now carry out a search for “Nikon digital cameras” and following further research, eventually decides upon a Nikon P100. Finally, at this stage, the visitor will carry out searches for “Nikon P100 prices”, which now indicates they are ready to buy and are carrying out price checks online. This keyword path will typically apply in most sectors, and your job as a website owner is to figure – Read the full article

Attracting Backlinks Naturally Top Tips to Make Your Website Linkable

On September 22nd, 2010, wrote:

Link building is often said to be the hardest part of an search engine marketing campaign by many industry leading experts – but it doesn’t necessarily have to be so difficult. If you’re working on an SEO campaign for a client, or are a business owner looking to improve the number of back links you have, it may be better to focus your efforts closer to home, as opposed to actively hunting for links. The links you attract naturally are often the most high quality, and can help improve your search engine rankings more so than other link building techniques. Here are some tips to make your website naturally “linkable”: Great Content is Delicious! Although “content is king” is an adage that is so overused in the SEO industry it is beginning to lose it’s true meaning – it is actually still completely true. Creating good quality, relevant and engaging content is much more likely to attract visitors, links, and – Read the full article

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Start Guest Blogging

On September 22nd, 2010, wrote:

Often lost in all the talk about creating content in the world of social media is blogging. Specifically, guest blogging. Sure, we have all heard about how wonderful Twitter is, and how viral success on YouTube and Facebook can propel you and your business to greater heights. But guest blogging is right up there, too, as one of the best ways to enhance your presence on the Web. So guest blogging is basically writing content for a blog of which you are not the author. Usually you’d be invited by the owner of a blog to write content for him or her. Or it may come to happen that you know a blogger – a friend, business partner, colleague, etc. – who has agreed to exchange content with you, so that you can blog on each other’s sites. Of course, guest blogging opportunities can also come up by way of energetically reaching out to the blogging world. Like answering an – Read the full article

Tips for Getting Started with SEO

On September 21st, 2010, wrote:

Search engine optimization may be difficult to effectively utilize, but it can be crucial to staying competitive in the Internet age. Your business is competing against other companies who are using search engine optimization techniques to increase their presence on the Internet and boost their brand recognition. It is important to ensure that people are visiting your website if you want to succeed as an Internet business, especially for ecommerce sites. If nobody visits your site, how do you expect to sell anything? To avoid this problem, here are some SEO tips to help get you started on your path to a larger web presence. Keywords are a key factor in your website’s ranking. In order to ensure that people are able to find your business, you should invest some time in figuring out the optimal keywords for your website. Work with a local search engine marketing company to find what keywords will work best for you. The keywords should – Read the full article