Date: March, 2009

What can you accomplish in a few meetings?

On March 31st, 2009, wrote:

This is a chart from, their service analyzes website traffic over time and can be used for keyword research. According to their independent data we increased the traffic to GreenMaker Supply 238% compared to the previous year. We worked with them to create a list of recommendations and they implemented most of our list. Shortly after they did this you can begin to see the increase in website traffic that their website began to experience. This was accomplished with a few hours of consulting, what would you be able to accomplish if your website traffic increased 300% from the previous year? February 2008- 2,000 visitors, February 2009- 6,000 visitors. Numbers don’t lie, give us a call today.

Twitter adds Search Bar and Trends to Profiles

On March 14th, 2009, wrote:

We were poking around making some updates for our client So Cute and Cozy, when we saw that their twitter page was in a beta testing of a new top navagation. Twitter has added a new search feature and drop down that shows the current trending topics. The industry buzz is that searchability is one of Twitter’s killer features, and indeed, it looks like the microblogging service is starting to put it more front and center. It looks like the company is either testing it out or doing the gradual rollout thing. Twitter’s focus on search started when the company acquired Summize, a search tool built using Twitter’s developer API (application programming interface) and turned it into the Twitter Search feature. The search for GreenWerks which is another one of our clients showed the current results we have come to enjoy with Hooked Up Installs is one of our newer social media clients and was blown away by the – Read the full article

Bringing Social Media Sites Together

On March 4th, 2009, wrote:

FriendFeed is a utility tool that that collects all the updates from your favorite social media websites. It doesn’t send your info to your social media websites, but it gives you updates on all the sites your friends are using and creates a master feed of all your online activity. It takes feeds from Facebook, Twitter, your blog, Flickr, Yelp to name a few of the accounts your can tie to this social site. FriendFeed also acts as a stand alone social site, with options for posting notes, photos and links, as well as commenting on others’ contributions. You can check out our client GreenWerks and our social media expert Brandon Zeman on FriendFeed.