Date: January, 2008

No Cost Conference Calling?

On January 27th, 2008, wrote: Found this site and thought it was just too cool not to share, this comes courtesy of Tim Ferris of the 4hr work week. Absolutely free conference calling service. I have used it and it actually works and no their were no ads playing in the background….

GrandCentral and other phone technologies

On January 27th, 2008, wrote:

I was searching for a low cost option to for a phone number and came across Google’s newest acquisition GrandCentral. This free service gives you a local phone number that you can forward anywhere, voicemail you can customize based on who’s calling (friends, family, co-worker’s etc), listen to your voicemail on-line and even a website button for people to connect to you live. We will be testing on of these buttons on the green werks contact us page. The other thing that is unique is you get to keep the number for life…that means you can move change your number and don’t have to worry because you can just forward the calls to your new number. Just like most other Google services this is offered for free. I encourage you to try it out. I set my number up this week and think is is extremely valuable. Just shows where the technology is going and Google is continuing to take – Read the full article

Robots.txt – Keeping web crawlers under control and off your site

On January 19th, 2008, wrote:

In the process of promoting your website, you’ve undoubtedly invited some electronic guests to your website — by submitting your site to Search Engines, Directories, etc. These guests, called Spiders or Crawlers, collect information from your site much like human visitors do. Much like inviting strangers into your home, you’ll get both good guests and bad guests. A robots.txt file specifies where you would not like these computer visitors to go. Also known as the robots exclusion standard, this is a simple text file placed in your root directory, named “robots.txt”. ( You do not have to specify where this file is to any of the search engines. To aid in web crawling, there are some folders and files we don’t want any robots to visit. For example, any directories containing dynamic files, documentation for webservers, or information we don’t want showing up on Google. Make a list of those directories and files and continue to step 2. Now, just – Read the full article

How to add my business in Google local search…

On January 17th, 2008, wrote:

It is super easy and think about the last time you used a phone book? Well maybe you still like to use a phone book but personally I haven’t used one in at least 4 years. I like to search on Google, only about 10 times faster and usually more accurate. But you will find most of the content has been uploaded by the business themselves. Visit google local. You can add pictures, logo, hours of store etc. So next time someone is searching for your phone number on Google, you will come up first. It can also be beneficial to add your self in different “categories.” Then when your potential customer searches for your industry, for example – contractor in your zip code, you come up. Just another free service that you can use for your business. Add your today.

What blogs do you guys read?

On January 17th, 2008, wrote:

Web stuffMatt Cutts is a head of spam prevention at Google. He has a blog that keeps me up to date with tools for search optimization (SEO and SEM) and whats up at Google. He also has some videos on you tube, that are great for understanding certain elements on search.Google webmaster and official Google blog are great additions to the list.Searchengineland is all about the internet business to hear what is going on around town as well as best accepted practices and constant updates to current search engine strategies for SEO and SEM.Google has the official blog and the webmasters blog. EnvironmentA fresh squeeze is a great blog about being Green in chicago. Only a few posts a month. Green Bean is about green buildings in Chicago.Tree Hugger is a great blog about the environment. They usually have 20 posts a day.

Google Reader…no Google doesn’t read books for you

On January 17th, 2008, wrote:

One of my favorite services that Google offers is google reader. This service basically organizes all your feeds in one place. So you can follow the blog at Crains Chicago Business and Search engine land for example. Blogs are a great way to select the content that you want to read and google uses this tool to keep you organized. The world continues to get flatter….

Analytics what is that? Google gives it out for free?

On January 5th, 2008, wrote:

Google Analytics is the tracking software used to discover who is visiting your website. Google Analytics can tell you where the hits are coming from, how long they are on your site, what pages they visited and i think most important- how they got to your site. I can see who is linking to me from where. This service has an huge value, previously companies would charge thousands a year for this service that google now offers for free. So if you have a website this is a must have to learn more about your visitors.

Free 411 service? try out goog 411

On January 5th, 2008, wrote:

Stop paying the phone companies 1.50 a call and call 1-800-466-4411. aka (800) GOOG-411. This free 411 service is voice activated and actually works very well. You can connect to the business for free and even get the listing texted to you.