10 Useful iPhone Apps for Logo Designers

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Be at work even while you are away from your laptop with the iPhone apps designed exclusively for the logo designers. These apps will help the designers brainstorm, research, organize, and learn about various aspects related to their profession. As a bonus, these apps also inspire and motivate creativity.

Here are 10 of the iPhone apps that would be useful for a logo or Web designer.


Adobe Ideas

To be very precise, this is a digital sketchbook that allows the designers a chance to keep his or her creativity and ideas blooming, irrespective of the place and time. An ideal cohort for professional Adobe design applications, such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, the Adobe Ideas app invokes a new level of creativity in the designers.


This app allows the logo designers to access scores of PANTONE color libraries and create color palettes. Plus: you can share your creations with your clients and colleagues. It also comes with a Portable Color Memory, which comes to your aid if you forget the shade of the color you chose.

Font Combinations

Pick from the 45 of the most-used fonts and create more than 2000 combinations of your choice. Apart from also inspiring your creative side, this app offers you a chance to come up with some innovative font ideas which you could use for some special requirements.

Color Expert

Working away from one’s studio could prove to a difficult task for a Web or logo designer. Download this iPhone app by Code Line and you’ll see how easily you could carry your work forward. It comes with a multiple and quite powerful color wheel with different color schemes. The “snap & tap” technology of this app allows you to snap a photo and choose the color with a single touch.

The Typography Manual

This is a comprehensive guide for logo designers as well as graphic and Web designers. This manual has more than 60 pages and offers information on type: the history, basics, font specimens, various design topics, as well as the up-to-date information related to type and typography. This is an essential reference for any logo designer who owns an iPhone.


This app is updated every now and then, welcoming the new terms and definitions in the field of print and design. The searchable database offers the logo designers an opportunity to browse through old as well as new terms. It also offer cross-reference terms, of course within its scale.

Color Set Lite

Built with the classic color charts used for painting, this app offers the designers the provision of matching the color. There are 9 colors, with each coded from 001 to 099. The designer can make use of this code to preview the color before finalizing the color.


A very powerful and productive app, Palettes aids in designing and maintaining various color palettes that synchronize with your requirements. There are 5 various color models to which you can add the color you have picked from a particular website or image. This app allows you to identify color matching and supporting with other color schemes as well.


Managing your team and projects is now easier with this iPhone app. Being a logo designer, you would have countless designs with you which could leave you lost at times. This app helps you to keep track of all your projects without any confusion.


You do not have to memorize the whole encyclopedia of the murky fonts now. Take the help of this app. The app allows you to capture the images of words you want and then analyze and identify the font used, thus allowing you to relax.

The iPhone apps mentioned above offer a great mobile-based platform that can simplify some of the complicated tasks of a Web or logo designer. Download them today and start simplifying your work with your iPhone!

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