Search engine optimization can be a very effective tool for enhancing the ranking of your blog. However, applying SEO techniques the wrong way, or failing to use them at all, could result in disastrous consequences.
Here are some of the major mistakes you need to avoid when it executing your SEO strategy:

Flash-based sites
Since Flash-based pages cannot be read by search engine spiders, they cannot be indexed. If it is absolutely necessary to use Flash elements on your site, make sure you have a parallel HTML page. This way, search engines can index your content and web users can enjoy the Flash presentation. In addition, it is advisable to use text-based rather than Flash-based navigation.
Blank title tags
The title tag is what appears in search engine results when someone types a query with a related keyword. Therefore, a keyword-rich title tag is a very important element of a successful SEO strategy. Never make the mistake of leaving the <title> tag blank.
Not doing keyword research
You need to carry out some research to find out which keywords relevant to your niche are used most often. For instance, if your site is about fitness, you might find that the phrase ‘weight loss’ is used quite frequently. You could therefore decide to create posts which address different aspects of weight loss. This will enable you attract more people, and probably even make more sales. There are many free keyword research tools available online which you can use to find the most popular keywords in your niche.
Meaningless URLs
Make sure that your URL contains words which are relevant to your site. You could also opt to use keywords which are relatively common. This will make it easier for people to remember your domain and for search engines to index your site. Site management efficiency is also enhanced when pages are defined clearly.
Poor linking strategy
When building links, many people make the mistake of focusing on quantity rather than quality. The fact is that not all backlinks have SEO value. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you only link to credible sites. Avoid sites which are involved in unethical business practices.
Poor site structure
A site which search engines cannot index and people cannot navigate is useless. Proper site navigation is essential for the success of any site. Therefore, you need to ensure that your posts are categorized properly and that pages link to each other in a way that makes sense.
Shared hosting
Having your site hosted in a location which is home to shady sites could be detrimental for your SEO efforts. If you decide to use shared hosting, you need to find out who your neighbors are. There are free tools which you can use to investigate other IP addresses. Generally, it is advisable to use a secured FTP storage.
Keyword stuffing
Stuffing your pages with keywords is a black hat SEO tactic which can result in heavy penalties from search engines. Generally, your pages should have a keyword density of between 2-8%.
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