Web traffic is the fuel of your online business. But not all kinds of traffic are equally good. Choosing the right type of traffic to promote your website depends on several factors, such as what your goals are and how much money you are willing to spend. Testing is also important to discover what works better for your site.
Paid traffic is all about ROI (Return of Investment), and as a webmaster, online marketer, or investor you should be looking for the least expensive alternatives of Web traffic that deliver the greatest possible results. Buying traffic is the easiest way to promote your website without SEO (Search Engine Optimization); however, it is advisable to combine both strategies for long-term success. It’s not a good idea to rely exclusively on one source of online traffic.

Popular Types Of Paid Web Traffic:

PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay-per-click is the favorite type of advertising for revenue-oriented Web businesses and the one that brings the highest conversion rates. PPC visitors are often people who are interested at some level about your offering. PPC is considered the best type of targeted online traffic as people click on your ad willingly. An important thing to consider is cost, as PPC is also the most expensive way of driving Web traffic. Therefore, if you have the kind of website providing free services or just looking to create brand awareness, PPC might not be for you. In that case, you can opt for other least expensive traffic options that can deliver even better results.
PPC commonly include graphical banners and text links. Testing is the only way to find out which option will work better for your website. Some webmasters have experienced great success with attractive banner ads while others find text links to perform better. Really it all depends on your niche and your specific goals.

CPI or CPM (Cost Per Impression)

This type of online advertising offers a fixed price for every 1000 times that your ad gets displayed, regardless whether people are actually clicking on it or not. Pop-unders are the most popular among the Cost-per-Impression alternatives.
Pop-under Ads: Pop-unders are an inexpensive type of traffic and when compared to PPC, the costs can be considerably lower. Pop-unders are especially good at creating buzz about a certain topic and perhaps obtain a few new subscribers and frequent follower. This type of traffic, however, has proven to deliver relatively low conversions for e-commerce and business-oriented websites. Pop-unders are basically informative in nature and visitors are not necessarily looking to buy your product or service. Even if you have the most amazing sales pitch it will not be easy to transform these visitors into buyers.
About the author: Bobby P. Regan is the PPC and online advertising manager of sunsetscostarica.com. He is also a tech blogger with extensive experience in Web marketing.