Every website owner engaged in e-commerce knows how critical it is to get more visitors to become customers. Getting the visitors to come to the site is one thing, but persuading them to convert to customers is another.
E-commerce is a rapidly growing sector of the business world, projected to overtake traditional retail outlets sooner rather than later. Running a business website is a lot like running a store, with several obvious differences, one being that visitors arrive virtually instead of in person. An e-commerce website has to monitor and track its visitors very carefully to generate key statistics.

One of these key statistics is the conversion rate, which is generated by dividing the number of customers by the number of visitors. It tells the website owner how many visitors are being persuaded to become customers. The conversion rate spells the difference between success and failure for a website. Websites can take advantage of several tools to improve the conversion rate, but one of the best is Checkout by Amazon.
Checkout is an innovative program that links a customer’s existing Amazon account to the website. The main benefit of this is allowing the customer to use their Amazon login information to complete the purchase.
A big turn-off for most would-be customers is an unfamiliar checkout program or payment processor. They rightly suspect that their money is not as safe as they would like. Checkout by Amazon solves this problem by lending the Amazon brand name to the website.
Another issue that arises is how smooth the checkout process is. No visitor likes having to go through multiple pages of information and entering their data before actually checking out. Checkout remedies this as well, by making it easy for the website to streamline their checkout process. Integrating the program into the existing process is simple and quick.
Checkout also provides direct benefits to the website owner, as well. Using Checkout entitles the website owner to Amazon.com’s payment protection policy, which provides full protection against chargeback fraud. Additionally, Checkout features tools that manage shipping and handling charges, promotions, sales taxes and post-sale activities such as cancellations and refunds. Checkout can also save up to 50 basis points on payment processing costs, based on data gathered from Amazon Webstore accounts. Checkout is a nifty program that provides everything the business website needs to increase its conversion rate.
The ease and the flow of this program makes visitors feel better about the website. The conversion rate is a psychological measure in the final analysis. It can tell the website owner how visitors feel when they are on the site. Checkout’s intuitive features make the rate skyrocket.
About the author: Eric Wyatt writes articles on internet marketing and social media, specifically on conversion optimization and landing page optimization.