Dr. Jeri Anderson was a recent guest on James Martell’s Coffee Talk, a long running podcast on affiliate marketing. Dr. Jeri is an award-winning Sacramento based chiropractor who successfully uses the Internet to bring in patients to her business on a weekly basis.  She discusses how she has been able to attract new customers and build new relationships with new customers by using free tools available to everyone online.
“It’s been a huge and wonderful transition. I don’t think there’s been a better time to be in business,” says Dr. Jeri. She speaks from experience. Dr. Jeri started out in Ashland, Oregon 26 years ago, eventually returning to Sacramento for personal reasons.

Getting Traffic the Traditional Way
When she opened her first practice, there was no Internet. She went to Meet and Greets, Chamber Meetings, and Rotary events to advertise her services. She even went door to door in the small town, which then had 15,000 people. Back then she did a lot of print advertising also, mainly using the Yellow Pages which was the best way for people in service positions to bring attention to their businesses.
She hasn’t used the Yellow Pages for advertising in years. “You get more bang for your buck out of the web than from anything,” she explains. “People don’t use the Yellow Pages anymore. Even my mother who is 85 uses the web,” she explained.
Making Her Move To The Web
Dr. Jeri first got involved in Internet marketing with the help of her chiropractor colleague and friend Dr. Michael Dorausch, who is well-respected for his strategies. He encouraged her to learn WordPress. She began doing tons of research, trying to scope out the movers and shakers in Internet Marketing. She discovered Don Campbell’s small business themes for WordPress and hit the ground running.
She actually took a full week off from her practice to spend all day every day on the web because she knew the information she was getting was so valuable. “That week off has paid back 100 fold,” said Dr. Jeri on Coffee Talk, one of the top affiliate marketing podcasts.  She believes in continuing education and has continued to win awards and receive certifications each year. Her advice?
1.  Go to Google and start searching. Connect yourself with really good people who are honest and know what they are doing. Dr. Jeri explains that one of the reasons educating yourself is so important is because it’s the only way you will know when someone is trying to take advantage of you or genuinely able to assist you.
2.  Be disciplined. Find one thing and do it regularly and you will outpace everyone around you. WordPress is a great thing to learn. It’s a free content management theme that revolutionized site building. Dr. Jeri was able to learn how to make a website so well that she now builds all of her own sites.
3.  Study Google. It’s a wealth of traffic and exposure for small businesses. You can buy ads on the right hand side of the Google page but that is very expensive and not a good strategy. Dr. Judi says she has seen chiropractors go out of business driving overhead so high trying to get to the top of Google.  “They spend money to buy AdWords but once they stop paying, their goes their ranking.” That’s why she recommends natural search traffic.
Natural Search Traffic
Dr. Jeri continues, “The best thing in the world is to get on the natural search results and that comes from discipline.” She recommends finding keywords and getting content out and connected because that’s what Google responds to.
Early on, Dr. Jeri discovered that when people do a Google search for chiropractors, they are overwhelmed with results which are tough to compete with as a business owner. But by submitting content surrounding ailments that are common to her patients, she is able to rise to the top of rankings for those key words.
For example, someone with sciatica will search their disorder and find content authored by Dr. Jeri. The patient may never even have considered going to a chiropractor before but suddenly sees the benefit of making an appointment with her.
Dr. Jeri knows what she is talking about. She recently has her best week in 26 years following her own advice.
About the Author
James Martell is an author, speaker, and host of the Affiliate Buzz on WebmasterRadio.FM. He also researches new techniques on the Internet, including using www.openwebsitetutorials.com as a resource. He loves to travel and commonly jokes that a white sandy beach, crystal clear blue water, thatched hut, hammock, and a desk with an Internet connection is all he needs to get his job done. He lives with his family in a coastal community about 40 minutes from downtown Vancouver.