Your online ad is running regularly. It gets a few clicks each time it runs, but you know it should be doing a lot more to promote your business.
Unlike traditional ads, which appear before large numbers of people who may or may not respond to it, search engine ads (online advertising) only appear in front of people who have already shown an interest in the product or business.  However, this level of targeting is only possible when the right elements are in place.

Why isn’t my ad working?

The ultimate goal of any ad is to generate sales and revenue. If your ad isn’t delivering the results you want, take a look at some of these possible reasons.
Keywords: The keywords you use to place your ad need to be broad enough to appear on multiple searches, but specific enough to accurately reach your intended market.
Copy and Graphics: You only have a few seconds to make your pitch, so make it look good. Make bold statements or ask pointed questions in your copy, and make sure your graphics grab the viewer’s attention.
Analytics: The only way to know for sure if your ad is meeting your goals to measure the results. If you use the wrong metrics or don’t bother to measure at all, you’ll never know why your ad is falling flat.
In other words, it only takes one off element to make your ad underperform to your strategy.

How can I Sharpen my Ads?

If you want your search engine ads to deliver the best results, follow these key strategies:
Use Relevant Keywords
Broad or vague search terms might generate more traffic, but only at the expense of relevance. If you sell surplus switchgear, you may use “switchgear” as one of your keywords, but that might bring in people who have no interest in buying. Specific terms result in fewer clicks, but each of those clicks will be a more qualified lead.
Make your Ad Stand Out
People ignore ads, even for products they’re looking for. That’s why your ad needs to be more than a box in the sidebar.
Add animation and other colorful graphics to catch the eye. Use big, bold letters that make a powerful statement.  Include calls to action like “Click here” or “Order now.” The more powerful your ad, the better the results.
Test and Optimize
No matter how great your ad, it can always be improved, and testing shows you how. Test an element of your ad such as graphics or keywords by comparing it against an alternative, then choose the element that performs better. Continue testing and refining elements to get better and better results over time.
Get Your Ads in High Gear!
Search engine ads drive your business, but not if they’re stuck in neutral. Make sure your ads are relevant, attractive and effective enough to bring in more customers and sales!
About the author: This guest post was written by Stephanie. Steph likes blogging about how businesses like industrial suppliers can use search engine ads to locate potential buyers of circuit breaker parts and other surplus switchgear.