A few days ago we talked about how important local search / SEO has become – and what you can do to enhance your local search performance and Internet marketing efforts.
Well, as we conducted our research for that story, we stumbled upon a number of neat local search engine optimization tools. And, knowing how much readers love lists (our competitive intelligence tools post is one definitely worth checking out), we made another one – this time, to help you in your search for tools that are designed to give you an edge over local competitors. Enjoy!

Local Search Toolkit

This is one of our favorite local SEO tools right now. The invention of seOverflow’s Mike Belasco and Mary Bowling, the Local Search Toolkit features a Google Places Results Analyzer which generates competitive analysis and data from search results in Google Places. With the Local Search Toolkit, you can download, analyze, and review citation sources – and sort seamlessly through local search data about your own business as well as that of your competitors.


BrightLocal actually has a suite of awesome local SEO tools, one that’s poised to expand within the next couple of months. But right now you are free – and we mean free – to try the excellent ReviewBiz customer review tool, which enables you to boost your local search ranking in online maps, directories, and business listings. BrightLocal also has a Local Search Rank Checker, which tracks up to 100 keywords and locations that are relevant to your business, and which enables you to set up automated reports and gain critical local search rank insight.

Intelligenx Local Search Platform

The Local Search Platform is designed to enhance your local search performance by way of a four-prong approach: search, content, usage, and monetization. Intelligenx offers four different products to address these critical areas. The Discovery Engine (search) encapsulates 10+ years and billions of queries of local search experience. The Insight Analytics (usage) help Internet marketers and site managers understand user behaviors by providing slice-and-dice access to search logs. The Ad Optimizer (monetization) is an online administrative tool designed to boost your conversion rates. And, lastly, the Content Enhancer (content) offers advanced crawling and entity extraction capabilities to deliver precision local search results with enhanced content.

Whitespark Local Citation Finder

Whitespark’s Local Citation Finder, a tool designed to automatically find citation sources for users, has a free version and a pro version. The latter enables you to build citations for your business on sites that matter the most: this is done simply by submitting your information and going after citations that have the highest potential of boosting your local SEO rankings. The tool finds the best listings for you based on the local keyphrases you enter.


This simple and free local search tool was launched in 2009 as a resource for small business owners who want to see how their business information is listed at Google, Yahoo!, and other top local search engines. All you have to do is enter your business name (or variations of it) and zip code!


“Local” isn’t just about places; it’s also about people. That’s why Trusteria has taken a unique route in helping you enhance your local search performance: by delivering live third-party testimonial feed services to your website, upon direct approval. Indeed, we all know how important testimonials are. Trusteria automates that process so that you won’t have to worry about soliciting reviews from you customers.

Google Trends

Not a lot of people are aware of the local search analytics capabilities of Google Trends. But it’s an awesome tool. By using IP address information from their server logs, Google is able to rank top regions, cities, and even languages for specific search terms and trends. This data is presented visually by way of easy-to-understand bar / line graphs.

Did we miss anything? What’s your favorite local search engine optimization and analytics tool? Please let us know in the comments below. And help us spread the love by retweeting this post!