Building links for your own website or blog is major aspect of SEO of your blog/website. Any blog post without proper link to related information doesn’t sound good in today’s world of internet marketing. These links should be provided by keeping w3 standards in eye and ensuring that browsers can handle those links properly. There are certain backlink building mistakes committed by new bloggers/seo optimizers. As the old saying goes, to err is human and every person commits mistakes in one stage of his or her life and it can also happen while building backlinks. Let us take a look at some link building mistakes commonly made by new bloggers:

Giving links to sites which have a bad reputation
Reputation of a website/blog from where a backlink to your website is coming is a very important thing to keep in mind. By bad reputation, we mean websites with spam or porn. Giving backlinks to such websites can affect the reputation of your website to a great extent. Therefore, before building backlinks you should check out the content of the website.
Marketing links
Marketing of links i.e.; buying or selling links is like murdering your website/blog. In the world of the internet, search engines can permanently ban your website if they come to know that you are marketing links. Today, search engines are very smart and they are very particular about originality and the quality of links. They can easily recognize the marketing of links which result in the baning of your website/blog.
Getting useless links such as nofollow links etc
There are two types of links, do-follow links and no-follow links. Every search engine have its own algorithm to follow. Search engines like Google don’t give priority to no-follow links but search engines like Bing, likes no-follow links and determine them while giving reputation for your website. So you should keep a balance between the number of no-follow and do-follow links.
Building a large number of links in a short time
Some new link builders who are overly enthusiastic for making large numbers of links in a small amount of time are considered suspicious by search engines. Truth is that if you try to build a large number of links within a short period of time, search engines may remove your website/blog from their index. Patience is key to success in link building.
Irrelevant niche link sites
Providing backlink to websites/blogs belonging to irrelevant/un-similar niche can affect the credibility of your blog/website to a great extent in the eye of search engines. So it’s highly recommended to build backlinks from blogs relevant to your website.
Preferring only PR domains with high backlinks
Obviously, getting backlinks to your blog/website from high page rank websites can increase the reputation of your blog but as odd as this may sound, this is not the right way to build backlinks. Building backlinks from both high page rank and low page rank websites should be your priority.
Links which have no targeted keywords
Inserting links directly or embedding links to words like “click here” is useless. You should use target keywords to embed the links of your blog/website which will result in the increase of search results. 

About the Author
This article has been written by Adam. He is a freelance web designer and works for an SEO company. He loves blogging and he writes about SEO and web designing.