Standing at this point of the millennium, one cannot deny the effect that the advent of the internet technology has had upon human lives. It has revolutionized every aspect of human communication from its roots. Reaching out to any individual staying at any other part of the world is just a matter of a few minutes. One can actually make video calling to his near and dear ones, while geographically they can be thousands of miles apart. Thus, it can be said that the internet technology truly brings the world closer. No matter what the geographical distance between the individuals is, with the aid of internet everyone is just a click away.

The business enterprises were not too late to figure out that online marketing is going to be the future of the business world. As a result, these businesses found it mandatory to make an online presence for themselves. This is why the number of commercial websites is increasing with every passing day. If the implementation is correct then online marketing can work miracles for a business.
While a website is being created, one must remember that the primary attention must be paid to the website’s actual design. It however doesn’t mean that there has to be something extravagant about the look of a particular site. The basics however must be duly followed. For instance, it must be well structured, have a neat look and there must be a certain simplicity about it. A set of useful tips are provided here that would help you to ensure that the site you create is user friendly and it yields the best ROI for you.
Concentrate on Reducing the Loading Times- First Tip
When a website is being designed, it is one of the most important factors one must remember. Site loading time must be brought down to a minimum. Websites, which take too long a time to load, will lose the potential buyers to the competitors who have a faster loading time. The loading time can be kept as low as possible, if the page sizes are kept small. Pages with high quality graphics, over usage of flash and add-ons will be slowed down and consume a lot of time to be loaded. This is why one must use common elements and less complex images.
Several Browser Designs must be Checked- Second Tip
One must keep in mind that a user will be viewing a website on more than a single web browser. The display of the web pages will vary from one web browser to the other. This is why it is suggested to check out a website in the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, when it is still under construction.
Simple Navigation must be the Aim- Third Tip
This web design tip is as crucial as the tip of keeping a low downloading speed. The designers must make sure that the site is simple to navigate. Several websites have met with huge losses irrespective of having great designs and all as they had a poor navigation system. The simplicity of navigation clicks. Wherever be the menu bar situated, the text menus must always be at the bottom of the page, so that navigation becomes easier for the visitors.
The Design must be Consistent- Fourth Tip
A consistent design pays off for a website. It is one of the most crucial aspects that you must remember. Using too many colors, backgrounds, fonts and navigations buttons and spreading them across the website is one of the most unprofessional things to do. A consistent look of your website will help you establish it as a professional platform. In addition, the visitors will see a uniform appearance, thereby increasing the online presence, as the users would know what this site is.
Take a Close Look at the Professional Websites- Fifth Tip
When a website is under construction, the designers must keep on analyzing other professional websites available. It is a good idea to learn the good things of the other websites. This will help you understand which implementations work and which don’t. However, it doesn’t mean that you are allowed to copy from other sites’ designs.
Keep Spaces for Advertisements- Sixth Tip
Advertisements are the primary source of income for a website. Hence, when a website is designed, it is important that proper spaces for advertisements.
These are six most useful tips that a web designer would need to keep in mind before creating a website. These tips will help you design a website for the best ROI.