Storefronts, expos and trades shows are excellent places for businesses to distribute promotional items. When handing out such items, it is important that they be customized with a company’s name, contact info and logo. For promotional items to be effective as possible, make sure to give away unique items that will actually be used by consumers on a frequent basis.
Now, before you start printing out your brand and logo on just about every mug and home accessory you can get your hands on, bear in mind you have to go about this in a smart way. You still have to pick out quirky items which will give your business the most publicity.

Here are six promotional products that are sure to get your company noticed and drive business your way.
1) Tote Bags
Handing out tote bags is especially advantageous to do at trade shows. These bags are reusable, making their brand increasing capability very good. There are many manufacturers of such bags, allowing for the bags to be purchased at very affordable prices. This is a very good choice as it easily gets noticed by a lot of people as it gets carried around.
2) Travel Mugs
People never complain about getting a free travel mug. By making sure the mugs are durable, attractive and colorful, businesses can rest assured consumers will use them on a regular basis. This promotional item is a great way to market your product.
3) An Awesome Stress Ball
The great thing about a stress ball is that they can be customized. You can cheaply put your logo on a stress ball that is round and a simple color. It’s an easy way to get your company’s name out there, and it’s likely to be put in the business offices of those who take them home. You can also go all out and customize a stress ball that is in the shape of a company symbol, logo, mascot, or anything that relates to your company or grabs the attention of people at promotional shows.
4) Personalized T-Shirts
Who doesn’t like receiving a free t-shirt? Customized t-shirts are by far the most popular type of promotional item to distribute for good reason. They can be worn for years to come, they provide much space for a business to advertise their products and services and they are a very cost-efficient type of promotional item to give away to consumers.
5) Phone Cases
With so many people using iPhones, it only makes sense that businesses should give away customized iPhone 4 leather cases. For businesses that do not want to stick solely iPhone cases, there are many other types of smartphone cases that can be distributed as promotional items as well that almost all customers can use.
6) Custom Golf Balls
For businesses who readily deal with golf enthusiasts, it can be beneficial to distribute customized golf balls. Such gifts show consumers that a business is interested in developing more than a “business” relationship. Other golf items that can be given away include customized golf tees, golf club covers, umbrellas and much more. Golf-related items can be purchased inexpensively, making them great promotional items.