Is your company making use of a Facebook Fan page? Now with more than 300 million users currently registered, numerous companies have set up Fan Pages fundamental to their advertising labors. People are looking for the most interesting and one-of-a-kind pages to “like”. But what are the best ways of getting maximum number of page likes? Here are the top 5 suggestions for the same:

  • Make your own username – The username or URLs for your Facebook pages are, by default, lengthy and unattractive. Select a different domain name for your page and advance it to your Facebook page. If you by now have a web portal you can make use of a sub-domain, for example
  • Put forward incentives – Users should know the reason to join your page. Present a rebate on your products, or make certain declarations on your page if you have something new about your business. Give these users a bait to like your page. For your fans, arrange for a regular lucky draw. Select the name of any of the fans by draw of lots and give them a special prize related to your business.
  • A platform for interaction – Set off a topic to talk about in the discussion board that lets your fans build network with fellow members. For instance, request your fans to present their personal blogs, if any. Get to know more about how they deal in the industry. Ask for tips on certain issues. Only a mutual relationship will induce other users to be fans of your page.
  • Show your appreciation – Showing appreciation and also acknowledging your fans is a big one. As fans participate on your page, always acknowledge if they contribute in some or the other way. If they present quality opinion on any discussion, that should also be given a mention. When fans join your page or group, they would like to be recognized too, particularly if they post or participate in a brilliant manner. Moreover, even as a fan is new to your page or group and posts on your wall, respond by making a wall post on his profile or comment on that post itself. You can connect better with those fans. You should also like anything they post on your page. You can also increase your visibility on Twitter. You use the ‘@’ tag and let others know about it. Just let them know that page is no bogus activity. Genuine users are operating your page.
  • Your page should maintain originality – Take this tip seriously. Mark in your calendar, after what period of time you got to poke in something new in your page. Facebook is a very trendy venture. You don’t know when it changes it direction. This originality will give you more fans. People always look for something innovative, fresh and original. If you provide this regularly, you can get good business for your company. After all, originality keeps you ahead.

Certainly these tips can help you get more likes on Facebook!
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