Productivity within the office space may greatly impact the yearly budget of a business, so it’s vital to consider ways to increase efficiency and lower costs each year. A number of changes may be made with the office itself that will enhance employee productivity without lessening the experience of the employees while they are at work. Here are 5 simple changes you can make in the office to increase productivity.

1. Change the routine regularly
It’s often hard to accept change in one’s life, but sometimes a change within an office space may be the exact element of surprise needed to increase productivity levels. Employees may become too used to a specific way of working. And while they might provide adequate work, too much routine may reduce potential for innovation and increased efficiency. Step outside the box of routine and change up the office set up, take a break to casually discuss new ideas for projects openly without restraint, or just chat.
2. Engage in a reward and recognition system
All humans respond positively to a system that rewards achievement and offers recognition for various tasks, but such systems aren’t solely the domain of video games. The workplace, too, may benefit from programs designed to reward employees when they reach certain goals. Special incentives, monetary bonuses, and company-wide recognition are terrific ways to show that the company cares about its employees and their successes.
3. Offer Guidance but Don’t Micromanage
An employee without any guidance may falter or lose focus over time, while an employee who has someone looking over his shoulder all the time will feel that his employer has no trust or confidence in his abilities. Guidance remains fundamental to business success, but it should not stifle creativity. If you are the office manager, be sure that your influence doesn’t stifle workflow and creativity.
4. Consider a different and upgraded dress code
The way in which employees dress may have a direct impact on how they approach their work each day. Professional wardrobe choices like those at Reem clothing may offer a company a chance to define a positive company attitude. Cooperative and professional dress options increase feelings of collaboration between employees.
5. Reduce time spent in meetings
Nobody likes meetings whether they are a presenter or just an audience member and each hour of the week spent in a meeting is time lost on actual, productive activities. Meetings should be short and speeches shouldn’t be a part of any gathering outside of a monthly progress update.
Even the most technologically advanced and comfortable offices may experience reduced productivity if employees aren’t guided properly. Whether a workplace has many employees and multiple locations or whether it’s a small company with only a handful of employees, these five tips should increase productivity within the office.