When was the last time you had thousands of visitors come to your website and buy your products? If your SEO isn’t working out too well for you then this will never come to pass no matter how hard you try. All of your SEO efforts seem to be wasted because nothing is working. That must make you depressed because you know when a couple of your main keywords hit the top spot on Google, it will bring you untold riches. When is it going to be your time to shine?
Have you ever considered the fact you might not be seeing any success because you’re doing the wrong things? Just because you read about a few great SEO tactics on some random article doesn’t mean they are still effective. Google updates their algorithms more than you have hot dinners and you could be pushing against a brick wall. If you want to do SEO properly you should stick to techniques that will always be around because they are not shady.


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Talk to people
You probably didn’t even consider this because why would talking to people give you an SEO boost? It does, but first you need to make sure you’re talking to the right people. The idea is to become friends with some of the people out there who have a big website and a big audience. Friends help each other and they want each other to succeed, so your new influential friend can link to your website which will give you strong links and hopefully get tons of traffic.
Share the work of others
Other people might have great content that would benefit your audience and you shouldn’t withhold it from them. It might actually help you earn their respect because you are letting them read something they need to see. This can have another effect because it will mean people know you are linking to them and they will be more inclined to return the favor. Now you are getting links built for you all because you added a hyperlink to one of your articles that took 10 seconds.

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Start writing for others
Writing for your own blog is special because you get to share your work with others, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep all the content for yourself. Give it to other blogs because their readers might want to read it too. When you write a guest post for others you should always get a link back to your site. You also get a steady stream of traffic coming through the link that could last forever and they might share your articles on social media which means ever more backlinks.
Include people in an article
If you want the most bang for your buck when including people in an article you should go around and ask 10-20 influential bloggers the same question. It needs to be a question that your readers would love to know the answer to. Now compile them into one giant article. When you publish it remember to tell everyone who took part and they will send lots of traffic to your site. With that many visitors reading the great information it will be shared lots and you will end up getting more backlinks from a post than you’ve ever had in your life.
Ask to be interviewed
Contact some interview blogs and ask if you can be interviewed. This lets you look like an authority because there is this idea that only influential people get interviewed. Once you have done the interview you will be rewarded with more fans and a nice powerful backlink. Sometimes it’s easier to answer questions than to do hard work, so you could sit there for a whole day and do lots of interviews if you set it up correctly.

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