Have conversions on your site dwindled off lately? Or is it that you don’t see any remarkable growth in conversions since the past few weeks? You need quick results to recover your ROI. Here are some quick changes you can make on your website to make life easy for you!

1. Powerful Landing Page

Improving the content on your landing page is bound to make a difference because this is one section which can ‘make or break’ a conversion. If you feel you already have a great landing page, then try adding some more relevant information on it.
What are the ‘top of the mind’ questions that the consumer might have about your product or service? Try answering this question and provide this information on your landing page. There are greater chances of winning your buyer over with something like this.

2. Make Special Offers

If the conversions aren’t coming through anyway, try to see what you can afford to offer. Is there an e-book that can be beneficial to the consumer, something related to the product or industry? Do you have any additional services that wouldn’t really cost you much? You could possibly offer them out. Or at least, you could work out a discount, which only thins out the profit but saves you from losses.
Freebies and ‘gifts’ work with people even today – no matter how young, old or rich they are. The idea of getting something as a ‘special treat’ is always welcome and works in driving conversion.

3. Improve Small Details On The Website

Have you done a spell-check of your content? Sometimes, poorly proofread content can also lead to a fall in conversions because the consumer will look at the content as ‘untrustworthy’, especially if he sees glaring spelling errors. Rectify these as soon as you can.
How is the language on your site? Easy to understand or full of jargons? – It is advisable to keep your communication simple, clear and crisp. Try changing the way you convey your ideas.
Also, what about images? Do your images have captions or clear relevance?  Images have the capability to draw attention and to hold it. Your consumer can be drawn by an image and then dissuaded from a purchase only because he doesn’t understand its message or relevance. Why risk it? Go ahead and add value to your images: a quick, simple and cost-effective task!

4. Invest in a Little Time For SEO on Your Pages

If you don’t already have keywords in your content, try to include them wherever possible. Do thorough research of your product, industry, and market – and target the right keywords. For instance, you could also target a few long tail keywords that don’t have too many pages ranking for them. It’s important to take your SEO campaigns and activities more seriously to improve conversions.

5. Strengthen Your Brand Identity

This sentence may sound farfetched and vague but it isn’t. This is one step you must take, preferably in the beginning of all these evaluation activities. Test whether your site is goal-driven. Can a person visiting your website understand the purpose of your site clearly? And does a consumer instantly trust your site enough to make an investment?
Investigate which areas you are lacking in and try to strengthen the way you present yourself. For instance, to improve the trust factor, you can present previews of certificates or validation.
Furthermore, your purchase channel (for e-commerce sites, especially) should state that yours is a verified account. Minor details like this and improvement in presentation content can help drive traffic.
About the author: Author loves writing on technology, hardwear and hardwear products such as Motorola ES400 and EPOS systems, She also contributes to popular ezine and media sites.