With so many apps around that claim to help businesses market themselves more effectively via Internet channels, it can be hard to know where exactly to put our trust. Whether you are a professional Internet marketer, an SEO professional, or are just interested in finding out how to make the most of the marketing opportunities the Internet provides, these top 5 apps are some of the best in the business for saving time and working more efficiently.

1. Hootsuite

This handy little app is just what you need to manage all your social media accounts from one place. For the casual user, there is the ability to update your feeds all in one place instead of having to log in to multiple sites. For the professional marketer, this is one of the most powerful social media marketing tools in the business. Messages and tweets can be pre written and scheduled for slow release, to keep your feeds alive even when you’re busy. Apart from this, there are a number of excellent tools built into the software that will help you track mentions of your brand and perform various statistical analysis of your social media traffic, allowing you to develop better-targeted campaigns and to invest your marketing budget where it will have the biggest impact.

2. Google Drive

One of the most recent additions to the app market,Google Drive builds on the success of Google Docs with the addition of some generous cloud storage and a few other useful features that make it a must-have for any busy business person. In comparison with similar services such as Dropbox, the free allowance is extremely generous, with 5GB available for nothing. Also setting it apart from other cloud services is the program’s ability to recognize 30 varieties of file types, enabling it to open a range of files from Photoshop (PSD) files to HD movies. With its seamless integration to Google Docs and a feature which synchronizes files between your desktop and the cloud, this has to be one of the most feature-packed ways to produce, share and edit documents from anywhere in the world.

3. Google Calendar

Another top 5 entry from the popular search engine brand, Google Calendar is probably the best Web-based way to organize your working schedules and arrange meetings with those all important clients. Schedule a meeting on your calendar and invite anyone in your contact list to attend it, and you will all receive a reminder for the period and in the manner you specify. Options for this include getting an E-mail or even getting a message pop up on the screen of your PC. If you have an Android phone, you will find this even more attractive as you can do all the scheduling and receive a reminder direct from your phone.

4. Evernote

If you are one of those people who seem to have post-its and ‘to do’ lists coming out of your ears, then this is going to be the app for you. Evernote’s tagline is ‘remember everything’, and that is exactly what it will do for you. Whether you need to write a list, want to take a photo of those shoes you were going to show your friend or save a Web page you were in the middle of reading before the bus arrived, you can do it with this handy little app. Because it integrates with all the popular mobile phones, tablets and PCs on the market, you can switch seamlessly between a variety of devices with the software automatically synchronizing your account at every turn. An essential app for keeping your memories fresh!

5. Google Reader

If you ever find you spend more time searching the web for things you want to read than you do actually reading them, then this is the app that can sort the wheat from the chaff and get you the content you need in a flash. The app can read any RSS or Atom feeds as well as let you subscribe to blogs that you enjoy reading. For online marketers, this is a pretty slick way of being able to keep up with the news, trends and hot topics in their industry without spending hours trawling blogs and news feeds for relevant material.
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